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4 Innovative Features You’ll Want in Your Car

By marian on December 7th, 2016


Technology gets more and more advanced each year and this innovation movement is apparent in the design of modern vehicles. Each year leading car companies like Toyota release updated versions of their car models, from the Toyota Innova to the Toyota Fortuner. The Philippines is a country that welcomes this innovation and the demand for cars with these features are high. These innovations cover not only ‘cool’ things that enthusiasts look for in a car, but of course also practical features such as safety and performance.

Night Vision Detection System


Scared of accidentally hitting a stray cat or dog when driving at night? This feature is for you (and everyone else, really). This night vision system detects any oncoming pedestrians or animals and immediately notifies you right on your dashboard. Some systems even highlight where the pedestrian is heading. Having this on your car will be incredibly helpful because there are many roads in the country that aren’t very well-lit. This way, you won’t have to resort to using high beam headlights in dark roads, which is dangerous for incoming cars!

Rear-Mounted Radar


Backing up just got way easier with this radar technology! One of the most difficult things new drivers have to learn is how to reverse the car properly. Even experienced drivers can sometimes have a problem with this in certain circumstances. This comes as no surprise, especially when it comes to parking, as you’re just relying on your side and rear mirrors to give you a general sense of what’s behind you. With this radar mounted on your car’s rear, a beeping sound will notify you and intensify as you get closer to an obstacle behind.

Gesture-Controlled Infotainment System


Gone are the days where you struggle finding the right button or knob to adjust the volume or switch the radio station. With just a flick of your wrist or turning your finger clockwise or counter-clockwise you can control you car’s infotainment system, a feature found only in certain models. It’s not exactly necessary, but it’s definitely way cooler than turning knobs and pressing buttons.

Smartphone Integration


Cars these days now come with USB ports but it’s not merely to charge your phone. Some of these USB ports can also connect your smartphone directly to your car, whether they’re android or apple, and all media in that phone will be linked to your infotainment system. Music is not the only thing that you can enjoy, you can also take calls hands-free! You can also link the navigation system from your phone straight to car.

This is just the most recent wave of innovations that have popped up and they surely will not be the last. Everyday engineers are finding new ways to improve your driving experience, as well as getting an edge up on the competition. At this rate, it won’t be long now before you can get your hands on a self-driving car.

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