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Looking for Fuel-Efficient Cars?

By marian on December 25th, 2016



Fuel has become a dwindling resource. It is everyone’s responsibility to be smart in how we use it. Car manufacturers have taken notice to this problem and made innovative design changes from most of their models whether it be a Toyota Fortuner or the Toyota Wigo. The Philippines is also well aware of this problem, as well as the constantly increasing gas prices. This is why drivers often look for fuel-efficient cars before purchasing a vehicle. Here are some of the top choices:


Toyota Prius

This model has been the best example of a fuel conscious movement in innovation. The Prius’ main difference from other car models is the fact that it sports an electric motor with its 1.8 liter engine. The engine gets the Prius an estimated 54 MPG in the city plus you have that option of using the electric motor. It may be small but it will definitely meet all your needs in a car. The Prius’ design is ahead of its time, there will be a moment when everyone will be needing another option besides using gas and an electric motor is the closest thing to a substitute.

Lexus ES

Who said economical can’t be luxurious at the same time? The Lexus ES sedan proves all the critics wrong. The beauty of this model is it comes in two versions, one that runs strictly on gas and another that is a hybrid. The gas model isn’t a slouch in any way when it comes to fuel efficiency, with a 3.5 liter engine this model can also run with the best of them with its 268 horsepower and gets about 31 MPG in the city. The Hybrid model on the other hand has a 2.4 liter engine paired with an electric motor that still rocks 200 horsepower and can log up to 40 MPG in the city. You can still look stylish and top notch while making sure you’re still on the side of the environment.

Toyota RAV4

Another Toyota model that comes in both hybrid and gas models, the RAV4 gives consumers an SUV option. The gas model runs with 176 horsepower using its 2.5 liter engine. The gas option is also quite efficient making use of 23 MPG in the city. The real gas saver is its hybrid model, as it can run at an efficient 34 MPG in the city. It also has an electric motor and the engine is also a 2.5 liter. Now you don’t need to compromise size and comfort for fuel efficiency.

With the demand for fuel at its highest, awareness of the status of this resource has also risen. People are now taking an active stand on the environmental dangers that face the planet. Investing in a fuel-efficient car is one way of doing your part to save the environment. Integrating electric motors have been a move for the better as well, this will be the first step to making the world less reliant on fossil fuels.


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