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How to Make Your Vehicle’s Suspension Last Longer

By Vic on March 9th, 2017

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Every material thing is susceptible to wear and tear after a certain duration of use. Driving even a tough Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines can put a lot of stress on your car, especially to one of the more important parts: the suspension. A car’s suspension is important because the vehicle is heavily dependent on it for shock absorption, keeping steady and ensuring its turning response. These are critical functions for a car, and if the suspension breaks down it can be very dangerous and even impossible to drive your car.


Tire’s Air and Tread

Good tire maintenance does a lot more than you think. It plays a major role in the maintenance of your suspension as well. The tire’s air pressure will ease the pressure that bumps on the road give your suspension. The less air there is the more effort the suspension needs to exert. Keeping the tread in check will also help in the alignment and responsiveness of your car.

Check the Shock

Shock absorbers are among the most important components of the suspensions. It also works to keep you safe and having a smooth ride. You should be able to recognize when the shock absorbers are leaking. If it is, make sure to replace it as soon as possible. If not it may cause damage on the other parts of the suspension.

Be an Observant Driver

As a driver, you should be wary of the signs indicating that you need to have the suspension checked. There are several telltale signs when you’re driving that means your suspension needs to be serviced.

Nose Dives – A nose dive is when your car lunges forward more than it should when you apply the break. This is very dangerous as a broken or malfunctioning suspension can decrease the brake’s responsiveness.

Rough Rides – If you start wondering why your rides are always bumpy, it could be the suspension not doing its job anymore. Once you start feeling all the bumps and rocks on the road much more than you should it’s time for you to make your way to the nearest service center.

Drifting – When driving, take note of how the car handles making a turn. If you feel the car pulling more on one side or drifting that means something is wrong with the suspension. Drifting is a sign that the suspension is not able to hold your car steady anymore.

Align Your Wheels

Aligning your wheels regularly makes sure your suspension is also aligned and that your car’s handles are still stable. This is a safety precaution and it guarantees that your tires threads don’t wear out as easily as well. Safety precautions like this, if done regularly, will save you from a lot of trouble in the long run.

Like a lot of components of your car, you should have regularly scheduled checkups on the suspension so that you can keep your vehicle running at its best. Don’t ever think that having your car serviced is too expensive, as you’re most likely going to have to dish out much more if they continue to work in bad shape.


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