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Toyota Marketing Techniques That Sell Toyota Wigos in the Philippines

By maigne on March 19th, 2018

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What are some of the major factors that fuel the effectiveness of Toyota’s advertising?

  1. Marketing Segmentation
  2. Competition and Distribution
  3. Market Planning


For many decades now, Toyota has made a great name for themselves in realms that extend further than the automotive industry – they are one of the world’s commercial giants. Toyota has released many iconic vehicles throughout the years that are a common sight in the streets and the media across the globe; everything from the iconic Corolla to the Toyota Wigo here in the Philippines.

One of the main reasons for Toyota’s success is that they pour a tremendous amount of effort into marketing and advertising each and every one of their great vehicles – from the ToyoPet of Japan in the 1940s to the Toyota Wigo of 2017 in the Philippines.

Here are some general overviews on the marketing approaches of Toyota:


Toyota’s Marketing and Segmentation

Toyota’s marketing strategy and targeting that gives them their top tier position in the industry can all be traced to their attitude and emphasis of care for the users of their products. This is very much evident in terms of their product characteristics as well as their different offers.

Toyota focuses on family size and middle to high income demographics for their demographic segmentation. However, when it comes to psychographic segmentation, Toyota centers their efforts on high-class or high income groups, and approach the sports vehicle-inclined clientele.


Toyota’s Competitive Edge and Distribution

Toyota’s main competitive advantage is the reputation that they have built throughout the years. It is their global presence that aids them in dominating on a global scale. Their product portfolio and overall production system lead them to setting up hundreds of production plants in countries all over the world – they emphasize the production of world-class vehicles with low cost rates.

The brand also operates with many dealerships, service centers and showrooms –an extensive range of authorized networks. There are over 175 distributers in almost 200 countries across the world. Toyota’s home country of Japan alone has 280 dealers. Toyota is known as the world’s 6th most valuable brand as a motor corporation.


Toyota’s Brilliant Market Planning

Toyota’s efficient approach towards planning their marketing is built on three general principles: environmental friendliness, driving safety, and low operating cost rates. The Toyota motor company greatly invests in these three principles not just in terms of marketing, but the products themselves. Toyota’s core virtues have not seen any fundamental changes since inception.

Toyota has always stayed true to the initial mission-vision of their company: to exceed expectations. The great respect that Toyota has as a company was earned and cultivated from the very start. Though not much has changed in terms of roots, Toyota’s concentration towards marketing as an avenue towards effective advertising is something that they consistently refine.


Key Takeaway

Whether you’ve bought a Toyota Land Cruiser or a Toyota Wigo in the Philippines, besides the high-quality elements of Toyota vehicles themselves, these products have been ingeniously planned and strategically brought into public light by their highly effictive marketing.

Throughout history, Toyota’s excellence in terms of business in line with their advertising has made monumental sales for cars like the Toyota Wigo from 2017 in the Philippines.

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