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Milestones: Prestigious Awards Toyota Has Received Over The Years

By marian on June 28th, 2015


Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

Toyota is not only known for the superb convenience and performance of its models; it’s also renowned for being one of the most well-known and trusted car brands, not only in the country, but also around the world. We marvel at the spacious comfort of their Toyota Vios, the combination of beauty and strength of the Toyota Fortuner, and the Toyota Wigo as the perfect easy-drive vehicle. And because of their quality cars and reliability of their services, it’s no surprise that Toyota receives an accolade or two – or maybe even more!

Here are some of the awards that recognizes Toyota Philippines’ commendable achievements in the automobile industry.

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Industrial Plant


Top 5 Manufacturing Plants Overseas

From 2010 to 2011, the Toyota Santa Rosa industrial plant was hailed as one of the top manufacturing plants in the world when it comes to production. This recognition was awarded by the Toyota Motor Company. To be one of the most prolific industrial plants across the globe is indeed an impressive feat that deserves to be noticed.


Excellent Quality Company Award

On March 2011, during the Toyota Team Asia Pacific Meeting, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation received the Excellent Company Quality Award from the Toyota Motor Corporation.

Toyota Employees


Outstanding Achievement on Productivity and Quality

The Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines, an organization focused on issues regarding employment, industrial relations, labor, and social policies, awarded Toyota Motor Company the Outstanding Achievement on Productivity and Quality during the 2011 Kapatiran sa Industriya (KAPATID) Awards. This proves that Toyota is not only committed to just producing a lot of cars; the company also assures that they are of the utmost quality.


DENR Seal of Approval – December 2010

As cars became more advanced over time, they also became more of a threat to the environment thanks to their gas emissions. But Toyota cares for the environment just as much as it does for its customers, and it’s because of its concern for all things clean and green that it was able to receive the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Seal of Approval (DENR). DENR is the government branch tasked with the conservation and care of nature.

Toyota Assembly Plant


Safety Milestone Recognition (SMile) Award – August 2011

It is important for companies to have regulations and products that are compliant with government laws and standards to ensure the betterment of the different aspects of that particular business – especially safety. After all, safe workers mean healthy and productive workers, which in turn mean a booming enterprise.

Toyota understands this, and it is because of it that the company was able to win the Safety Milestone Recognition (Smile) Award, which was issued by the Bureau of Working Conditions of the Department of Labor and Employment. This proves that Toyota spends time and effort to make sure that their working conditions are safe for its employees.


Employer of the Year – October 2011

Aside from safety, the management of a company’s human resources is just as vital, for a company would be nothing without them. And because Toyota believes in this, they became 2011’s Employer of the Year – the first Japanese company to ever win – according to People’s Management Association of the Philippines, a massive organization of Philippine human resources managers.

Good deeds don’t go unnoticed. And Toyota, aside from their automobiles and related services, have indeed done a lot of good in the different aspects of their decades-old venture in the country and around the world. Kudos, Toyota, you deserve it.

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