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Model in Focus: The Toyota Altis

By marian on May 22nd, 2015


The Toyota Altis in the Philippines is one of the country’s most common vehicles making it one of the most loved rides in the pearl of the orient, like the Vios and Wigo. That certainly is not surprising because it comes from a long line of prestigious cars that we have come to know as the Toyota Corolla.

toyota corolla altis philippines



Those who have previously owned a Toyota Altis or Corolla will definitely notice the major changes when it comes to size and design. It has a sportier look along with a smoother design. The Toyota Altis has a length of 4620 mm, a width of 1776 mm, and height of 1460 mm. Car enthusiasts will notice an increase with the wheelbase, as it is now 27000 mm as compared to the previous model’s wheelbase of 2600 mm. This beautiful vehicle is available in six colors, namely silver metallic, gray metallic, white pearl, attitude black, and dark brown mica metallic. It has the grille that perfectly matches and houses the neatly designed headlamps in front. At the back is a bumper and rear lights that are as perfect as the front.

toyota corolla philippines altis engline


For the 1.6E, 1.6G and 1.6V vehicles, each one is equipped with a 1ZR-FE Dual VVT-I, 4 Cylinder In-Line DOHC 16 Valve type engine. All four models are equipped with an Electric Fuel Injection Fuel Supply System and a 55 Liter fuel capacity tank. The 1.6E model has a 6-speed manual transmission only. Meanwhile, the 1.6G, 1.6V and 2.0 models have a continuously variable transmission, also known as single speed transmission – a type of automatic transmission that allows the driver to switch gears easily. Therefore, no matter what model you choose, Toyota can promise you one thing: you will definitely have one of the easiest and most relaxed drives ever.

toyota corolla altis interior


Each model is fitted with a different kind of steering wheel. For the 1.3E model, you have a three-spoke urethane steering wheel, while the 1.6G model has a three-spoke leather with Audio and MID switch. The 1.6V model’s steering wheel is a three-spoke leather with audio, MID and Bluetooth switch. Finally, you have the 2.0V, which is decked out with a 3-Spoke leather steering wheel with audio control, MID and Bluetooth switch along with a paddle swift.

All vehicles are equipped with an integrated Audio System 2 DIN in-dash 1 CD/MP2/Tuner with 6 speakers. If you are not in the mood for the music on the radio or cannot find any tunes on your CDs to match your mood, you can plug in your phone and play those beats.

The seats are covered in high quality fabric with the exception 2.0V, which is covered with sport leather. All models are outfitted with cup holders and bottle holders. And no matter which model you choose, it will always be equipped with power windows and power doorlocks.

It’s a no brainer that the Toyota Altis is one notable vehicle, worthy of the Toyota brand. What are you waiting for? Get your Toyota Altis now!

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