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Model in Focus: Toyota RAV4

By marian on July 8th, 2015


toyota rav4

Though there are lots of SUV’s available in the market today, most of them fail to live up to the expectations of motorists and enthusiasts worldwide. But that’s not the case for Toyota! As one of the pioneers of automobile design and manufacturing not in the world, this Japanese car marquee has been making high quality vehicles for the past 75 years, and it will continue to give us some of the sweetest rides we’ll ever encounter in years to come.

One of the most renowned SUV Toyota features is their model RAV4. Like the Toyota Fortuner for sale in the Philippines, the RAV4 is notable for revolutionizing SUV design and concept, giving motorist a set of wheel that’s stylish, smart, and adventurous. Read on below to find out more about the Toyota RAV4!

On the Outside

Say all you want about performance and comfort being the most important factors when choosing a car; in the end, you’ll still be looking for a car that has a cool exterior—which the RAV4 delivers beautifully! With its sleek, stylish, and sporty design that serves both aesthetic and aerodynamic functions, you can easily be the envy of other onlookers, including fellow SUV owners. Aside from its body shape, the RAV4 also boasts of high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights, giving you great visibility and making the darkest of nights safe to drive in.

On the Inside

Dashboards and interiors are becoming more and more advanced by the minute, and the RAV4 is not one to be left behind. Heck, it even takes the lead! Employing a forward-thinking design, the interior features a slick black color that is accentuated with space-gray and chrome highlights and appointments. The dashboard features a convenient touch-screen entertainment that can easily be accessed and controlled with just a single point of finger. You can also connect your device via Bluetooth to the entertainment system, allowing you to play your phone’s music via the car’s built-in surround speakers. These make the RAV4 exciting on so many levels.

toyota rav4 on the road

Under The Hood

One of the many things that distinguish SUV’s from sedans is power. The RAV4 sports a 2.5L Valve Matic engine, allowing it to be very fast and formidable as well as to be extremely versatile as it can traverse whatever terrain, be it the urban jungle, the countryside, or even off-road. In addition to this, the space at the back of the RAV4 is perfect for either extra passengers or additional storage space for luggage and supplies, making this model a highly recommendable choice for camping, long travels, and even carpooling.

Against The Impact

Speed, power, spaciousness, and aesthetics: these are important characteristics you should look for in a car. However, all of these pale in comparison when it comes to safety. Luckily, Toyota didn’t compromise with their RAV4. With its air bags, its anti-lock braking system (ABS), and an Impact Absorption Body, you can rest assured that you’re protected from possible accidents.

It’s not easy to find an SUV as good as or better than the RAV4. So instead of trying to find something like it, you might as well go to your nearest Toyota outlet and get the real thing! Trust us, you won‘t regret it if you do!

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