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Model in Focus: Toyota Avanza

By marian on July 31st, 2015


Toyota Avanza 1

Like the Toyota Innova in the Philippines, the Toyota Avanza is one of the best SUV’s to have in the country. Not only is it a good choice for private car owners, but it’s also an ideal vehicle for public transportations such as taxi drivers. So what makes people so attracted to this ride? Find out below!

Family Friendly

One of the most important tenets of Filipino culture is family and friendship. We spend quality time with them at malls, restaurants, parks, and out-of-town destinations. And when we do, it’s usually with the entire family or gang—leaving even just one member behind is never the way to go. Thankfully, with the Avanza, you will never have to!

The seating space inside the Toyota Avanza is more than enough to fit in six people comfortably with more than enough leg space. And if you plan to either bring with or bring home a few things, then you don’t have to worry, as there is more than enough cargo space, especially if you fold the rear seats.

Smooth and Efficient

While a smooth and comfortable riding experience doesn’t necessarily mean fast, an unbelievably sluggish one is definitely not a pleasant one. We here at Toyota know that, so we equipped the Toyota Avanza with the DOHC 16-Valve EFI VVT-I engine. It’s powerful, fast, and fuel-efficient, allowing you to get you and your family and friends anywhere you want to go.

Steady Roll

Nobody likes a rough and bumpy ride, especially when there are a lot of you sharing the same car. Mostly it’s because of the bumpy road, but sometimes it’s the car’s fault, as it can have an inefficient suspension system. With Toyota Avanza, however, you won’t have to experience the latter. In fact, it’s very effective in providing both the driver and the passengers a smooth ride.

Outside Appeal

No matter how productive, fast, or fuel-efficient a car may be, you wouldn’t drive it at all, let alone get your family and friends to ride with you, if it looks too bizarre, uncool, or out of style. Thankfully, the Toyota Avanza’s exterior is none of those things.

The Toyota Avanza is an MPV that has rounded and sleek edges, making it visually smooth yet functionally aerodynamic. Gone are the days when SUV’s look and feel uncool! And if you’re not exactly a fan of the standard silver, you have five other colors to choose from: light blue metallic, champagne metallic, gray metallic, white, and dark steel mica. Now you don’t have to worry about being exactly identical with other Avanzas on the road!

Safe and Sound

Last but definitely not least is safety, an important factor some car manufacturers and buyers neglect. You can rest assured that Toyota is not one of these blokes; in fact, their great dedication towards this aspect is shown in the Avanza’s safety systems, which offers an extra shell of protection and airbags.

Toyota Avanza 2

Cool, comfortable, and convenient—that’s just some of the things the Toyota Avanza is. So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest Toyota outlet now and get one so you, your family, and your friends can enjoy many memorable rides together!

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