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Model in Focus: Toyota FJ Cruiser

By Vic on November 6th, 2015

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FJ Cruiser Concept.

Nothing beats a classic. After all, things that are considered as such got their status because they’re unique, well-loved, and, most importantly, timeless. And here at Toyota, experts have been making classics since the beginning. One of these is the Toyota Corolla, which is now known as the Toyota Altis in the Philippines and the rest of the world.

But that is not the only classic Toyota has conceived. Aside from building one of the best-selling sedans in the world, Toyota has also created one of the finest off-road SUVs – the FJ Cruiser. This machine has not only withstood tough terrains, but it also passed – more importantly – the test of time.


A Product of a Rugged Past

Back in the 1960’s, there was the Toyota FJ40, a two-door SUV that was popular with many because of its toughness and all-terrain capabilities. However, despite its success, its entire line was discontinued in 1984. But in 2003, 19 years since the discontinuation of the Toyota FJ40, its successor was born: the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Starting out as a concept SUV, it then became one of the most sought-after SUVs in the past few years, and for good reasons.


Stylish and Functional

The exterior of the Toyota FJ Cruiser is the quintessential fusion of style and function. Because it retained the original square frame of the Toyota FJ40 and adopted the sharp yet smooth and aerodynamic edges of more recent Toyota models. This makes the Toyota FJ Cruiser feel enjoyable to drive, classy, and tough – all at the same time.

FJ Cruiser Concept.

Great Looking – Inside and Out

Because it is inspired by an old-but-gold gem of an SUV, the Toyota FJ Cruiser pays homage to its predecessor both on the outside and the inside. While the layout of the dashboard is just like that of the old SUVs, the instruments are not only up-to-date with current technologies, but also unique to the FJ Cruiser, giving it more identity – as if it didn’t already have a lot of that.


Versatile Against Various Terrain

Just like its predecessor and its contemporaries, the Toyota FJ Cruiser can conquer any terrain in front of it, be it riverbeds, hills, rocky paths, or mud, thanks to its powerful torque and its 4.0L Dual VVT-I engine that can churn out up to 268 horsepower, which is delivered to its tough and thick wheels that are designed to roll over even the most punishing grounds.


Soft and Smooth for Passengers

Last but not least, despite being built for toughness, the Toyota FJ Cruiser is one gentle giant towards its passengers, thanks to its efficient and adaptive suspension system. Because it features different options for different kinds of terrain, you can rest easier knowing that you and anyone you bring along for the ride is going to have a comfortable experience.


toyota fj cruiser 3

The years may pass, but a classic will always remain unique and loved because of its many great qualities. And the Toyota FJ Cruiser, with all of its handsome features, is here to stay beyond all doubt.


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