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Model in Focus: Toyota Hilux

By Vic on October 27th, 2015

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Pickup trucks may not seem to be all the rage these days, but back then they ruled both the asphalt and the dirt. Not only do they have the ability to traverse any terrain, but they were also deemed cool rides that possess a lot of attitude and grit. In fact, they still are today – for fans of strong and bulky machines, at least, as well as for people who need powerful vehicles to use as workhorses.

However, that is all about to change (or more accurately, return to how things were for the mighty pickup truck), because its king is making a much-deserved, much-awaited comeback. Because from the makers of the Toyota Innova in the Philippines comes the 2015 Toyota Hilux.


Original Inspiration

The 2015 Toyota Hilux is poised to dominate the competition – both against its predecessors and its rivals – by drawing inspiration from its namesake. The term “Hilux” is the combination of the words “High” and “Luxury,” and, as such, the pickup truck’s look, feel, and performance exhibits both high quality and luxury. And by featuring both new and classic elements, the Hilux is set to become greater in so many ways than other pickup trucks.

toyota hilux 3


Despite going back to its roots, the Toyota Hilux has a new and exciting look that is different from its forerunner. With a strong-looking yet more emotion-driven aesthetics as its philosophy, it features a thicker bumper and thinner grills and headlamps as compared to its previous iterations, giving it an image that evokes both toughness and class.

In addition, thanks to its wider stance and 17-inch alloy wheels, the Toyota Hilux is more stable than its rivals when it comes to both its looks and its actual stance.

toyota hilux 4

Boldly New yet Ever-Reliable

Function and style: the underlying philosophy behind the new Toyota Hilux. This philosophy is very much evident when it comes to its interior, as it features much larger headroom for the driver and the front, and more leg space for those sitting on the back. In addition, for your safety, there are two to three airbags in the interior, while the 4×4 G A/T variant features a whopping segment-first seven airbag system.

The same philosophy extends to the control panel of the Toyota Hilux, as its “G” models have a 6.5-inch capacitive touch-screen display that allows MP3, USB, Bluetooth, and Navigation functions, giving you more options when it comes to entertainment and driving. And for those who want to get higher variants, then you’ll be enjoying a three-spoke steering wheel with audio and MID controls.

toyota hilux interior

The Power Within

Last but definitely not least would be what’s under the hood and what powers this beast – Toyota’s next-generation GD Turbo Diesel engines. Depending on which variant you’ll choose, you can have either a 2.4-L or2.8-L engine. Either way, whichever you may have, you can be rest assured that this strong, tough, and reliable engine will get you to where you have to be through whatever roads you have to take.

toyota hilux 2

There is, without a doubt, that the Toyota Hilux is a game-changer. And because it is, it’s only right that you make it your choice.


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