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Model In Focus: Toyota Innova

By marian on June 30th, 2015


Toyota 2015 Innova

The Toyota Innova has been catching the eye of Filipinos since its launch in 2005. It was originally launched as the replacement of another much loved vehicle, the Toyota Revo whose production was stopped earlier in the year. The Toyota Innova is a vehicle you can see in the garages of families and car rental services. Why should you choose an Innova the next time you are searching for your new family car? Read on to find out!

Innova Engine


It can be quite hard to decide what Innova model you would like to buy as there are so many models available! There are four categories to choose from: J, E, G and V. Under base model E are two variants while with E, you have four variants. Model G also has four and finally under V are two. That brings us to a grand total of a whopping 12 models to choose from! Under each variant you can choose whether to get a vehicle fueled by either diesel or gasoline, which may account for why there are so many models to choose from.  All diesel run vehicles have the 2KD-FTV model engine while all gasoline fueled cars are powered by a 1 TR-FE engine model. Do note that all vehicles have a fuel capacity of 55 liters.

Toyota Innova Exterior


The Toyota Innova comes in seven colors: Thermalyte, Dark Brown Metallic, Black, Freedom White, Red Mica Metallic, Gray Metallic and White Pearl. You will immediately notice a big change when it comes to the headlamps as they are a bit more slanted than the previous generation’s headlamps. It also sports a new grille and an overall bolder exterior.  The all new Toyota Innova stands at 1775 mm with a length of 4,585 mm. and width of 1,760 mm. It also has a wheelbase of 2750 mm. The great thing about the Toyota Innova’s height and wheelbase is that this means you can have no fear of floods as this mighty vehicle can take on waters as deep as 500 milliliters.

Toyota Innova Interior


All vehicles from the E to G range can seat eight people comfortably. As for the high end V range, expect seven people to be riding comfortably as a pair of captain seats replaces the three seater middle row found in other variants. Speaking of seating, it all depends on the model on what your car seats are covered with. Those under the J range will be covered in vinyl while those under the E range are covered in semi fabric.  All the seats in the G range will have a moquette covering. Moquette is a thick, heavy, velvet-like cloth perfect for car seats. Get ready for a feel of luxury if you choose a V ranged vehicle as all the seats will be covered in leather. You need not worry about the safety of your driver and his shotgun passenger as the car is equipped with SRS airbags to protect them.

The best part of the Toyota Innova more than the features is the fact that it is built on local soil in Toyota Motors Philippines’ Sta. Rosa Plant. Purchasing an Innova means you are not only getting a quality car but one that is home grown as well. Now, isn’t that enough to get your Filipino pride going?

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