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Model in Focus: Toyota Prius c

By Vic on October 13th, 2015

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toyota prius c 4

Ever since its invention, automobiles have been a great help to mankind. And as technology marches on, they became more and more powerful and convenient. However, there is one drawback to this advancement – the deterioration of Mother Nature. So to fight against the environmentally harmful image of the automotive industry, more and more car manufacturers have begun creating eco-friendly vehicles.

Toyota, the eponymous maker of the bestseller Toyota Vios in the Philippines, is not one to shy away from the arms race of the environmental concerned. In fact, it’s one of its vanguards. Proof of this is the much-talked about Toyota Prius. And now, one of the iterations of this revolutionary car is coming to our shores.

Get ready for a clean and green revolution with the Toyota Prius c.


Hybrid: Theory and Practice

toyota prius c 1

What makes the Toyota Prius line, which includes the Toyota Prius c, more environmentally-friendly than its sisters in the company and its rivals in others is what’s under its hood: a hybrid engine. This kind of engine combines a conventional combustion engine and an electric motor, allowing the Prius c to cover just as much distance as any other car and consume a significantly less amount of gasoline and saving your gas money and the Earth from CO2 emissions. See? Double the system, twice the benefits!


Green Speed and Power

toyota prius c 3

Hybrid cars have an unfortunate stigma of being less powerful than cars with a regular diesel engine. The Toyota Prius c, however, is proof that such a notion is untrue. Thanks to its 1.5 liter VVT-I engine and its Hybrid Synergy Drive technology, this clean and green machine can alternate between its two engines to fit any given situation.


Sexy Hatchback

toyota prius c 2

“Hatchbacks look boring and unstylish” – that school of thought no longer holds water, as the Toyota Prius, just like other Toyota hatchbacks, has been showing the world that cars with this kind of body can turn heads when out on the street thanks to its sleek design, which not only gives it a futuristic look and feel, but also with aerodynamics in mind in order to make good use of its fuel economy.


The Inside That Matters

toyota prius c 6

Comfortable and elegant – two words that perfectly describe the Toyota Prius c’s interior. With its modern interior design, spacious legroom, and a control panel which has an entertainment system that can be connected with devices via Bluetooth and USB for more entertainment options, even the longest rides are going to be smooth and enjoyable.


Safer Than Your Average

toyota prius c 5

The Toyota Prius c is safe not only for the environment, but also for its passengers. Equipped with anti-theft systems, you can park it anywhere you can and still have peace of mind. And for different situations that can lead to accidents, the Toyota Prius c is outfitted with anti-lock braking systems, airbags, and front and rear wheel skid controls, making sure that you are safe almost all the time.


With the Toyota Prius c, you get more than enough power, great mileage, impressive fuel economy, and most importantly, a convenient and clean way for you to go places.


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