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Model in Focus: Toyota Yaris

By Vic on August 21st, 2015

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toyota yaris front shot

The general idea about hatchbacks is that they’re old-fashioned, clunky, and slow-moving vehicles. However, that’s an uninformed and outdated opinion. In fact, hatchbacks are starting to gain popularity because of their space-saving size and convenience, especially towards the younger generation. So if you’re planning to get a new car, the question should no longer be “Why a hatchback?” Instead, it should be “Which one?”

We in Toyota have a good suggestion for you: the Toyota Yaris. Like the Toyota Vios in the Philippines, this hatchback is one of the country’s most popular vehicles. But we’re not recommending this just because it’s from us; we’re also doing it because we know it’s easily one of the best hatchbacks in the market. If you don’t want to take our word for it, at least let its many features win you over.


A Spacious and Comfortable Interior

toyota yaris interior

Contrary to popular belief, hatchbacks aren’t small, tight vehicles that leave its passengers hunched and uneasy while riding, as they have more than enough space for both passengers and luggage. And to further destroy the myth, the Toyota Yaris has been given an upgrade in length, making it more spacious and more comfortable. So if you’re the type who likes inviting other people to ride with you, you no longer have to think twice!


An Elegant and Colorful Exterior

toyota yaris full body

Streamlined curves and sharp edges: these are elegant features that set Toyota’s aesthetics apart. And the Yaris, with its latest iteration, follows the same design that has given other Toyota cars a visually striking appeal. Thus, gone are the days when hatchbacks are thought of as uncool.

And if you’re the type who loves cars with bright and vivid colors, then the Yaris will definitely be a treat for you. For aside from the usual Attitude Black, Freedom White, Grey Metallic, and Thermalyte (Silver) palettes, the Yaris also features two Mica Metallic colors: Orange, Red, and Frozen Blue. With these shades, you’re going to catch quite a lot of attention, so be ready for it!


A Powerful and Efficient Engine

engine start stop

Because of the arch on its rear end, many people mistake hatchbacks as sluggish and inefficient vehicles. However, as what has been previously said, that is certainly not the case for most of these vehicles. For example, the Toyota Yaris is equipped with either a 1.3L or 1.5L VVT-i engine, a Toyota hallmark in automotive engineering. This engine, which is a combination of mechanical power and intelligent and precise design, has been proven to be strong, effective, and efficient by both brand loyalists and car enthusiasts alike.


A Better Hatchback Inside and Out

toyota yaris rear shot

The interior matters just as much as the exterior, and probably even more to some people. With that in mind, we have given the Toyota Yaris a sleek and stylish dash. In addition, the Yaris also now has more leg space, giving you and your passengers more comfort, and a bigger cargo space, allowing you to bring a lot of things with you. With all these, you can have a lot of long yet comfy and classy road trips in the future.


The Toyota Yaris is proof that hatchbacks can shine just as easily as other cars out there, if not more. And with its power and efficiency in space, size, and fuel, it can even steal the spotlight from its peers.


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