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3 Modification Ideas for your Philippine Toyota Wigo

By maigne on November 9th, 2017


What are some of the best ideas for modifying a Philippine Toyota Wigo?

  1. New Paint Job/Color Schemes
  2. New Tires
  3. New Lights


Toyota has no doubt ensured its own spot among the top names in the automobile industry. Cars in the Philippines like the Toyota Wigo and other variants are making their waves around the market, being among the best in terms of preformance and affordability; indeed, the price of a Philippine Toyota Wigo is fit for many budgets. In any case, the Philippine Toyota Wigo can make a stellar choice of car for anyone to own.

When it comes to owning a car like a Toyota Wigo in the Philippines, there are a lot of things to look forward to. One of these is the endless list of ideas for the car’s modification.



New Paint Job/Color Schemes

Image from Car Wraps NYC


This kind of modification is one of the most common ones. When it comes to owning a vehicle of your own, who wouldn’t want to get creative? All it takes is a lot of creativity and appreciation for different colors for better aesthetics.



New Tires


The Philippine Toyota Wigo and other cars come equipped with standard-fitted tires for their optimum performance. However there is definitely more room for improvement according to the driver’s preference. When it comes to this, make sure that the wheels not only fit with the car in terms of size, but its size and base are able to accommodate any terrain you intend to drive it on.



New Lights


When it comes to forms of improvement, the most important thing to consider is none other than the convenience and comfort of the drivers and passengers of the car. Anything can be added to make driving easier; and few other modifications are as beneficial as new lights.

New lights can not only make driving at night easier, but it also helps ensure safety from road accidents when driving at night. But just because you’re getting new lights doesn’t mean you can go overboard under the false belief that brighter is better. Make sure that the new lights you get are at the appropriate level of brightness to avoid glaring or any other forms of inconveniences for other drivers on the road.


Key Takeaway

Car modification is something many car owners do at times, given the numerous ideas you can have for giving your car the upgrade it deserves. If anything, these 3 entries on this list are more than just ideas, they’re also some of the most important upgrades your car can ever have.

With that said, don’t hesitate to give any of them a try. Besides, though it may not look like it, the Toyota Wigo is one of the most flexible cars on the market, which makes it an excellent car for anyone driving in the Philippines to own.

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