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More than Five: What Makes Toyota SUVs Good for Carpooling

By marian on June 29th, 2015


Toyota 4Runner

Admit it, the traffic in Metro Manila can drive any sane person mad. Yes, you may be driving a Toyota Vios in the Philippines but just think of the traffic. Imagine being stuck for unending hours in a gridlock without anyone to talk to, bored out of your mind and your gas tank almost running on empty.

Here’s where the idea of carpooling comes in. We’ve listed down reasons why a Toyota Sports Utility Vehicle should be your car of choice when it comes to carpooling.

Plenty of Leg Space

It cannot be helped that you have tall passengers aboard and what they would hate the most is to have limited, cramped leg space for their long limbs. Same goes for petite people with long limbs. It is not only a hassle, but there’s also the pain in the knees and muscles as they get off the car. With your Toyota SUV, say goodbye to leg cramps as you will definitely not have this problem as the new Toyota SUV have ample leg room for your long limbed passengers.

Toyota Highlander Interior


Afraid it will be a tight squeeze in your vehicle? Don’t want people complaining about how tight your car is? Then get a Toyota SUV for your carpool. A Toyota SUV is so wide and comfortable; some people are worried that it might not fit inside their garage! With a Toyota SUV, comfort is one of our primary goals so you need not worry about your passengers voicing out their complaints—the only thing they will be saying is how nice and cosy your car is.


One of the things that make Toyota the best carmaker in the market today is its safety measures for your passengers. Aside from your usual air bags and anti-lock braking system, the passengers in the second and third row of your Toyota SUV will also be protected as your SUV is equipped with an impact absorption body protect system that will definitely ensure any of your passenger’s safety.

2015 Land Cruiser


If you are worried about the maintenance costs of your vehicle, you do not have to worry about that here in Toyota. What we have done is provide you, our valued customer, a free maintenance for the first 36 months of ownership or hundred thousand kilometers used (whichever one comes first). Did the muffler come off your new SUV? Then head over to Toyota and we will replace it for free. Note that the warranty does not cover consumables like your engine oil or brake pads. In addition to this, please remember that there are certain parts of your vehicle under a different Toyota warranty such as your tires and batteries. If you do choose to transfer ownership before the end of the three years or you have not used up the hundred thousand kilometers, the remaining warranty can be transferred to the happy owner of your well-loved Toyota vehicle. This way, you know your carpool vehicle is in good hands.

For a car that suits your car pool needs, you don’t need to go far. Get carpooling and you will not only save up on gas but you will also contribute to saving the environment as well.  Head over to your nearest Toyota dealer and get that Toyota SUV now!

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