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New Year, New Car: 3 Reasons to Get the Philippine Toyota Wigo this 2018

By maigne on January 14th, 2018

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Photo by Niky Tamayo

Why is a Toyota Wigo a great car to own for 2018?

  1. Its affordability
  2. Its surprisingly spacious interior
  3. Its fuel efficiency is great for long drives
  4. Its engine is always on top conditions


In the previous article we discussed how to ring in the New Year with your Toyota Wigo; but if you don’t have it yet, here are 3 reasons for you to actually bring in the Philippine Toyota Wigo into your 2018?

The Toyota Wigo is a fantastic car to drive around the Philippines. It’s great for first-time drivers and its size and interior space make it one of the most ideal choices of cars to own of this year. So, for this 2018, why not get this car to ring in the new year? Here are some of the best examples for you to consider when it comes to availing for a Philippine Toyota Wigo as a new car to own this 2018:



Since it was released in 2014, the Toyota Wigo has been a leading choice for mini hatchbacks among Filipinos. One of the reasons is its affordability, making it accessible to people who need a car but don’t want to shell out too much money. It’s a good bang for buck too thanks to its drivability, engine performance, and athletic build.

Spacious Interior

Despite being a mini hatchback, the interior of the Toyota Wigo is surprisingly spacious. Passengers at the back won’t be complaining about getting cramped as there is enough legroom for everyone. If you’re travelling with luggage (or lots of groceries and shopping bags), chuck them in the trunk and you’re good to go! The Toyota Wigo is considered to be one of the more roomy minis around.

Fuel Efficiency at its Finest

Nowadays, fuel efficiency is a great factor to consider when it comes to looking for the right car to own—which luckily comes equipped with the Toyota Wigo. Thanks to its engine capabilities (which will be explained further), this car is one of the most fuel-efficient ones for anyone to use—making it one of the most ideal cars to use in the event of a road trip around the Philippines. With proper cleaning, re-fueling, as well as changing the oil every once in a while, the Toyota Wigo can deifintely go the extra mile.


The Engine is Efficient for Maximum Performance

Since the engine is one of the most important parts of any car in general, the Toyota Wigo can definitely deliver on their deals with the engine. With the 2017 variant of the Philippine Toyota Wigo coming equipped with 65 hp, 89 Nm power and torque levels respectively, the Toyota Wigo is definitely an unstoppable force of nature when it comes to going the extra mile. Just make sure to do what it takes to maintain this car engine’s overall condition.


Key Takeaway

There’s nothing more satisfying and enjoyable than getting something new to go with the new year—and with a Toyota Wigo in the Philippines in your arsenal of 2018 joy, there is no doubt that your new year with your family and friends will be on the roads!

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