Toyota Motors 4 Notable Philippine Car Shows to Get You Excited for 2018
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4 Notable Philippine Car Shows to Get You Excited for 2018

By maigne on February 15th, 2018


Toyota Philippine International Motor Show
Photo credit to Ricky Castillo

What are some amazing car shows in the Philippines that are sure to get you excited for 2018?

  1. Philippine International Motor Show
  2. Trans Sport Show
  3. Bumper 2 Bumper Car and Motor Show
  4. Subic Bay Auto Show


Car shows in the Philippines are certainly quite the spectacle. They are definitely a great place to either showcase or check out and be in complete and utter awe of the many Toyota Wigos here in the Philippines. There’s a multitude of awesome cars and modifications to bask in the glory of. Wandering the grounds of a local car show will definitely inspire you and give you that extra push for jumping on that Toyota Wigo Promo here in the Philippines.

In order to really get a good grasp of all the great stuff happening around at a Philippine car show, here’s a look at some of the coolest car shows that are sure to get you excited for what 2018 has in store:


The 5th Philippine International Motor Show

This event is an upscale production made possible by CAMPI (The Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc.) It was a 4-day event that took place at Pasay City’s World Trade Center. What makes this event so special is that it is a collective effort between the major international car companies in the Philippines, that include Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, etc.

The 2017 Trans Sport Show

This monumental show transpired at the SMX Convention Center, famously located within the Mall of Asia Complex by the coasts of Pasay City. This brilliant event has several halls filled with the finest in Philippine automobile splendor, the most beautiful gallery girls beside the cars, and even motorcycle of the Moto Build Pilipinas.

Bumper 2 Bumper XIII Car and Motor Show

Close to the Trans Sport Show, on the Mall of Asia grounds saw the 13th installment in this incredible showcase tradition in Philippine automotive gatherings. Besides all the great vehicles, there was an off-road show along with performances from legendary local DJs, and even a blood pumping basketball competition. Some of the best cars from all over the world were very much seen and admired up close and personal.

The 2017 Subic Bay Auto Show

For those on the northern end areas, these types of province based events are an incredible challenge to pull off but nonetheless it was quite the classic. The event was simply set in an open parking lot. But had the same exciting energy as some of the aforementioned grand scale high authority productions. The night went on and definitely had a fun party feel to the whole show.


Key Takeaway

If you own a Toyota Wigo here in the Philippines and are incredibly proud of your gorgeous vehicle, you should definitely consider entering it in a local car show! You’ll definitely meet a bunch of great people that will turn you on to a lot of great modification ideas for your car. The Toyota website has in store some great Toyota Wigo Promos here in the Philippines that are a great means for you to purchase one and get started on the wonderful journey of car ownership and the fun in personalized customizations.


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