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5 Reasons Why the Philippine Toyota Wigo is Making its Way to the Top

By maigne on December 15th, 2017


What’s so special about the Philippine Toyota Wigo?

  1. It’s great for first-time drivers
  2. Sales are going great
  3. It’s open for modifications and customizations
  4. Visually appealing both inside and out
  5. Its engine is powerful


When it comes to the most iconic cars in the Philippines, the Toyota Wigo is definitely on the list. The model is known for its comfortably compact size, the great driving conditions it provides, and its overall performance; and with the Toyota Wigo 2017 coming to Philippine dealers soon, there’s more that fans of the brand can look forward to!

With that said, it’s safe to say that the Philippine Toyota Wigo is surely making its way to the top of the market. Here are the facts to prove it.


Ideal for First-Time Drivers

First-time drivers have a lot to choose from; but, the Toyota Wigo is an especially popular choice. Many of the car’s calibrations are fitted for easy-driving, no matter what the transmission. So whether you fancy manual or automatic, this car can definitely get you to places with confidence and ease.


Sales for the Car Are Going Great

Toyota continues to roll out many great and iconic cars as it has tirelessly done throughout the years, and fans couldn’t be happier. This model is a prime example. Thanks to the numerous promotions and deals for Toyota Wigo in the Philippines, sales have been going really well; and with a wide range of clientele, it’s safe to say that the Wigo is staying on the streets for years to come.


Open for Modifications 

While the Philippine Toyota Wigo’s appearance may seem customary or default, the Wigo is actually one of the most customizable cars in the market. Size aside, there are numerous ways you can up the ante for your car. Here are a few modification ideas for the Toyota Wigo.


Appeal of Both the Interior and Exterior

Appeal is important in many products, especially in cars. After all, if the look of your vehicle is captivating to you, others will surely see it as well.

The Wigo’s exterior comes in a multitude of color schemes, but there’s more than meets the eye. With convenient leather seats, powerful air conditioning, and a state-of-the-art on-board computer, driving the Wigo can be worth so much more than just looking at it.


Overall Engine Performance 

With a horsepower up to 65hp, a torque up to 89Nm, and a 1L, VVT-i type engine, it’s safe to say that this car’s overall engine performance is suitable for any scenario that comes to mind. With performance like that, who wouldn’t want to drive this car?


Key Takeaway

 There is more cause for support for this special vehicle, all of which can guarantee you enlightenment on this particular topic. If you’re interested in getting a Toyota Wigo of your own, check it out here!


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