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Great Places to Modify Your Toyota Wigo in the Philippines

By maigne on February 8th, 2018

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Great Places to Modify Your Toyota Wigo in the Philippines

What are some places that you can take your Toyota Wigo to for a makeover?

    1. The sea of establishments along Banawe Avenue
    2. The knowledgeable hands of Emperor Motorsports
    3. The expertise of Concept One Wheels
    4. The innovations of A-Toy Bodykits
    5. The mastery of Autoplus Sportzentrium
    6. The skillful mindset of Autoline
    7. The unique touches of Big Bert’s Professional Retailers



The Toyota Wigo here in the Philippines is quite a remarkable automobile. The Toyota Wigo’s Price here in the Philippines is one of complete frugality, but at the same time of great performance and overall aesthetic.

While the design is stunning as is, you may feel the need to add that extra spice to your car or even a complete makeover to fit your personal style. Here’s a run through on the list of some of the most brilliant car modification spots in the Philippines:


Banawe Avenue

Located within Quezon City, Banawe Avenue has a multitude of shops that specialize in the selling of numerous car parts and accessories fit for any automobile specification. From practicality to pure design, Banawe Avenue has your car covered for its needs.

Emperor Motorsports

This well-known establishment specializes in performance parts. If you are looking to exponentially improve your car’s overall performance, Emperor Motorsports is definitely the place you have to take your Wigo to. They carry even the most advanced of Japanese engineered parts.

Concept One Wheels

Based on the name itself, Concept One services and provides specifically for everything concerning automobile wheels. If you feel the need to customize your car’s rims, Concept One Wheels offers a variety of package deals that certainly give you a bang for your buck when in the market for the freshest and slickest new look for your wheels.

A-Toy Bodykits

The people over at A-Toy Bodykits have been around for such a long time and have worked with the greatest in Philippine motorsports and grand prize winners of local car shows. This place specializes in everything body related when it comes to cars. They are well-known for their astounding paint jobs and frame modifications.

Autoplus Sportzentrium

This place has a widespread reputation for their loyalty to their clientele. Autoplus Sportzentium offers the finest in engine mods and fine tuning vehicles. They import a wide array of high quality products mostly from Japan, and provide a 5-star service to come with it.


In 2009 and 2010, Autoline won top place for Best Manila Auto Salon. They’re long standing reputation is the result of years in hard work, not just for specific jobs, but also complete rebuilds; completely redoing cars from scratch to their majestic awestriking final outputs -definitely the place to take serious project cars to.

Big Bert’s Professional Retailers

The most innovative in technology takes their flight at Big Bert’s Professional Retailers when it comes to handling even the most specific of requests when it comes to mods. They not only handle the most meticulous of exterior jobs, but as well as strong engine protection advancements and interior customizations as well.


Key Takeaway

There are plenty of Toyota Wigos here in the Philippines, if you want to really make your Wigo stick out and really shine in its originality, you can take your car to one of these places and get the modification requests for your Toyota Wigo thoroughly Priced here in the Philippines.

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