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Popular Toyota Cars in the Philippines

By marian on July 13th, 2016


Toyota Altis in the Philippines is one of the most popular cars around. You can literally see it everywhere in different stock or custom colors, tires, seats, you name it. It’s so popular, you’ll see some of the really customized ones that have cartoon characters painted on the bodies, or stickers littering the dashboard or the car doors. However, Toyota Altis is not the only popular Toyota car in the Philippines, so listed below are the other Toyota cars popular with the Filipino motorists.

Toyota Vios

toyota vios

This car is popular both in the commercial and private users. There are so many Vios taxis or cabs, or even used in those carpooling or car renting services like Uber. Toyota Vios passes all the standards of the vehicles for commercial and private use which makes it a good vehicle. It is popular for its reliability and its affordability. One of the previous models was smaller and a bit on the curvy side, but the newer models have a sportier look, have an edgier trimmed body, and sharp headlights.

Toyota HiAce

tooyota hiace

You’ve probably seen this van used as a school bus, as a shuttle van for public transportation, or for the usual family outing. This Toyota favorite has serviced so many big (or small) families and companies going for team building activity or a fun stress-relieving excursion. It’s a first choice for many, especially those who have a lot of people to bring around.

Toyota Wigo


This “micro-car” is becoming more and more popular, too! Not only is it small, but it’s kind of cute, too. This vehicle was the product of a joint venture of Toyota with Indonesia’s Daihatsu, which was brought to the Philippines to compete with the Mitsubishi Mirage in the category of the subcompact cars.

Toyota Hilux

toyota hilux

A very reliable truck, the Hilux is in competition with the Mitsubishi Strada, the Ford Ranger, and the Isuzu D-Max. Useful for those who have a lot of travelling with a huge pile of stuff, you won’t run out of space with a truck like the Hilux.

Toyota Innova

toyota innova

Toyota Innova came out from the Toyota Revo. It’s very roomy and easy to handle, and one of the most affordable cars around. The Innova is considered an MPV, or a multi-purpose vehicle, which is probably why, like the HiAce, it can be found being used commercially as a public utility vehicle, or a privately owned car. It’s also been a bestselling commercial vehicle for years.

Toyota Fortuner

toyota fortuner

Let’s face it, the only way you’ll survive the Philippine’s streets is if you have a proper SUV to brave the flood or the mud, and that’s where the Toyota Fortuner comes in. It seems like the Filipinos love their SUVs too, or the Fortuner won’t make it to this list. Fortuners seem to dominate the streets with their wide body, imposing hood, and large headlights.

And those are the most popular Toyota cars in the Philippines! If you fancy getting one for yourself, one of these is sure to suit your tastes.

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