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Random Interesting Car Facts

By maigne on July 16th, 2017

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Random Interesting Car Facts

Did you know?

  1. The World’s First Car Accident and Death on the Road was recorded in the 19th Century.
  2. One of the most recycled parts in the world are discarded automobiles.
  3. The oldest surviving car was built in France in 1884


In the Philippines, the Toyota Vios is one of the most popular choices for private transportation. While many only see cars as a luxury and a mode of transportation, car enthusiasts tend to be quite interested in anything related to vehicles. Here are a few random car facts!


The World’s First Car Accident Recorded was in the 19th Century

Car accidents have become a common occurrence on the road. While many thankfully aren’t fatal in nature, there are also just as many cases that end in disaster and tragedy. The first motor vehicle collision recorded in history dates back to the late 19th century – and it was fatal.

The first person known to have been killed by a motor vehicle was an Irish scientist named Mary Ward. In the year 1869 she was driving an experimental steam-powered automobile built by her cousins. While turning around a bend, Ward was thrown out and into the path of the vehicle. She fell under the wheel and died from a broken neck.

Automobile Parts are the Most Recycled Items in the World

When cars reach the age of retirement or is severly damaged by disasters such as flood, that doesn’t mean that their parts are no longer useful. Of course, that depends on the extremity of its damages. Many mechanics find that they are still able to salvage a lot of parts for future use.

So if your car has reached the end of its lifespan, don’t just throw it away; have it checked to see if its parts can still be used. You’d be surprised how much of an old car you can save (or sell.)

The Oldest Car Still in Existence was Built in 1884

If you think your car from the ‘90s, ‘80s, ‘70s, or even the ‘60s is the oldest car to ever conquer the road, think again. The oldest known car that has survived the times is over two decades old!

Built in France in 1884, the car known as La Marquise, is an automobile that’s powered by coal and wood. It has a build-up time of at least an hour and forty minutes before it can be fully driven and has a speed rate of at least 18mph. Recently, it was auctioned and sold for over $4.6 Million. Not only is this car a priceless antique that actually works, it’s also one of the most expensive ones in existence.


Though there are other things that you may never know about your own car, these facts about cars in general should satisfy curious minds for the meantime.

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