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3 Reasons Why a Philippine Toyota Wigo Can Make a Great Graduation Gift

By maigne on April 23rd, 2018

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Why is a Toyota Wigo a great graduation gift?

  1. It is great for office use
  2. It is perfect for the city
  3. It’s worth every cent

It is April once again! The time of the year when families go on vacations and students graduate after years of hard work. Graduation gifts are traditional, memorable, and should definitely be long-lasting. A car, for example, is an excellent choice, as it has a long lifespan, and can be used in multiple situations. A Toyota Wigo in the Philippines provides convenience, opportunities to travel the country, and create unforgettable moments with special people. It is undoubtedly a perfect graduation gift, and you will be reading about why in this article.


It is Great for Office Use

Great for Business Purposes

Now that school has finally been completed, it’s time to get a job. Jobs are usually located in Makati, Manila, and Taguig, and a sea of pollution and traffic will have to be crossed before even getting to the office—daily. Factor in the more unpredictable variables such as unfortunate accidents and technical difficulties in transport systems, and it’s going to be a heck of a ride—literally.


A Toyota Wigo makes things much easier, as it effortlessly keeps the driver comfortable, safe from smokes from other vehicles, and can be relied on to get to the office. It’s great for after hours, too, because it’s possible to hang out in different places around the city without having to worry about commuting to get there.


It is Perfect for the City

 Perfect for the City

Let’s be honest here: the Philippines is loaded with jeepneys, buses, trucks, and cars around the clock, but the roads were apparently never designed to accommodate all these vehicles at once, let alone the larger ones. Wigos, due to their small frame yet easiness to maneuver, are perfect for driving through the infamous Philippine traffic.


Toyota Wigos not only look good by themselves, they are perfect for the roads in the city—or any place else for that matter. Whether it’s an easy Sunday drive or a heavily clogged Monday morning road, the Wigo will get you there with relative ease, all while looking good.


It’s Worth Every Cent

 worth every cent

Lower prices don’t always equate to lower build qualities. Toyota Wigo prices in the Philippines may be relatively lower than other models, but don’t let that fool you—Wigos are just as reliable as they are, and can do the job as well as they can.


The Toyota Wigo is easy to drive, and is suitable for almost any situation. It also comes with an eye-catching interior and a highly functional dashboard—not to mention the music controls on the steering wheel that allows you to change the music at will, making for more enjoyable rides, whether alone or with friends.


The engine of the Wigo is fuel-efficient as well, saving you precious money spent on gas.


Key Takeaway


This graduation, a Toyota Wigo is an excellent gift. Your graduate will surely make great use of it in many situations, whether it’s work or leisure. The Wigo is perfect to use in any kind of situation, and during a phase where building a career and making memories is vital, it will surely be a gift your graduate will appreciate and love.

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