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Reasons to Have a Toyota Innova in the Philippines

By maigne on July 10th, 2018


What are the Reasons to Have a Toyota Innova?

  1. Design and Looks
  2. Comfort
  3. Safety and Reliability
  4. Performance


In the middle of the busy traffic in the Philippines, Toyota Innova’s are the most common cars you would see, and if you are probably wondering why then this article is for you. There would be tons of considerations in selecting an efficient car but getting a Toyota Innova would be your best bet in meeting those standards without getting too much into detail.

Among the lineup of Toyota Philippines, the Innova remains one of the excellent vehicles that you can add to your garage and here are the reasons why:

 Design and Looks


Design and looks


The Toyota Innova is manufactured with the best detail that it is encased in. With Toyota’s supreme engineering prowess, this Multi-Purpose Vehicle comes with top-of-the-line design, classy looks, and a great build quality. It has a strong body that can make you stand out and durable enough to withstand wear and tear. Its wide tail lights along with its LED daytime running lights accentuate the overall design of the car.

The design and looks of the Innova offer both function and style, and what else can you ask for, right? Providing you safety while driving at night and looking sleek while you’re at it, the Toyota Innova is perfect for those spontaneous road trips and memorable day trips with your family and friends.




The Toyota Innova offers best in class comfort with its well-laid cabin. The interior of the Innova is perfectly suited for the ride whether it is for a few people or for the whole entourage. The space that the rear seats provide puts comfort at the top of its agenda and with the Innova, you would not have to worry about cramped up space.

Unlike a compact car, the Innova provides extra comfort with interior upgrades. Matched with the environment of your journey, the interior of the MUV is also a feast for the eyes and a calming one as well.

Safety and Reliability


Safety and Reliability

The company brand Toyota is synonymous with the words, safety, and reliability. This is because the team values these at its utmost importance. When you are driving a Toyota Innova, not only are you in a powerful machine but you are also valued because of the added curtain airbags that provide extra protection for your family.

Variants have 7 airbags which include those of the driver’s, front passenger, driver knee, front side, and the curtain shield airbags.




As far as performance is concerned, you would not doubt the Toyota Innova. Every car can have a powerful engine but is it reliable enough to take you where you need to go, and how soon can it take you there? With Toyota Innova’s 6-speed transmission and increased fuel economy, these worries would just be resting at the back of your mind.

With its 2.0 Liter Gas, 4-Cylinder, In-Line 16 Valve, Double Overhead Camshaft, you would be comfortable with its engine performance and you will find yourself equally satisfied. The Toyota Innova can and will take you to your destination with ease.


Key Takeaway


The reasons why you should get a Toyota Innova are endless, but we will stick with these, for now, so you can have an initial overview of the vehicle. To really find out the performance of this powerful and reliable vehicle, visit the nearest Toyota dealership and ask about a test drive today!

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