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Reasons Why a Toyota Wigo in the Philippines is The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

By maigne on May 11th, 2018


What are some of the Toyota Wigo’s features that make it an amazing Mother’s Day present?

  1. Compactness
  2. Fuel Efficiency
  3. Luggage Space
  4. All-Power Features
  5. Electric Power Steering


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it is important that we celebrate our moms and all that they have done for us. Our moms have raised us well and what better way to shower her with love than to surprise her with a brand-new Toyota Wigo in the Philippines!

Depending on your mom and her particular lifestyle, there are many vehicles that would be perfect for her and her needs. But generally speaking, nothing compares to the wonders of a Philippine Toyota Wigo and its price.

Below are some of the essential factors that show how a Toyota Wigo would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift:


The Ideal Compact Car


For the moms that like their vehicles fit and snug, the Toyota Wigo easily embodies all the best qualities of a compact vehicle. Simply put, the Toyota Wigo is small on the outside but incredibly roomy and spacious on the inside. The Wigo itself is even designed with a proper cabin, and there is indeed enough space to eliminate occurrences of banging elbows, knees, and consoles –the compartments themselves are splendid!


Practical Fuel Efficiency

fuel efficient car

The Toyota Wigo’s fuel indicator strictly stays in double digits. The engine’s fuel consumption is of utmost frugality. One of the recurring points that would make the Wigo perfect for your mom is that it is absolutely perfect for running errands around and about the town. Your mom could be stuck in Makati traffic, and there would still be some gas left in the tank.


Immense Luggage Space


Whether for large grocery bags or sporting goods, the Toyota Wigo’s luggage compartments are fit for whatever your mom needs them for. Even with the spacious cargo areas filled up, there would still be room for a number of passengers.


The Ease of All-Power Features


Power features may not exactly be a mind-bending innovation by today’s standards, but it is certainly something not to be taken for granted. And the Toyota Wigo is a marvelous reminder of our breakaway from crank windows. Your mother is sure to appreciate all the glorious switches and gizmos for the locks AND side mirrors.


The Conveniences of Electric Power Steering

power steering


We all know how difficult it is to maneuver cars without power steering. Relieve your mom’s stresses with the Toyota Wigo’s responsive handling and graceful steering capabilities. What makes the Toyota Wigo’s steering so amazing is that despite the silky-smooth steering wheel, your mom could be driving at over 100 kph and the steering would not show even an inch of tilting –ultimately assuring convenience AND safety.


Key Takeaway


Whether your mom spends most of her days running errands or simply indulging with her well-deserved time-off, the Toyota Wigo here in the Philippines would be an elegant gift that is guaranteed to put a smile on her beautiful face. Absolutely no other compact vehicle compares to the Philippine Toyota Wigo’s price. This Mother’s Day, get your mom a breathtakingly aesthetic yet practical car; one that embodies all the love and appreciation she deserves.

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