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The Rise of the Subcompact Cars

By marian on March 3rd, 2016



It is an undeniable fact owning a car provides a safer and more convenient mode of transportation for people on the daily grind; having one that is both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing is definitely something to be proud of. The Toyota Wigo in the Philippines is considered a reliable and fashionable car among the youth while the Toyota Vios is the go-to car for the general public for being a reliable, subcompact car.

What is a Subcompact Car?

As defined by United States Environmental Protection Agency, “a passenger car is classified as subcompact if it has between 85 Cubic feet and 99 Cubic feet of interior volume.” In general, a subcompact car is sleek and manageable size-wise while sporting a comfortable fit with regards to its interior design.

The subcompact design is widely popular in the Philippines among people of various financial states. It’s easy to see why the subcompact design would triumph over the other good-in-their-own-right makes ; they are affordable, easy to maintain and sturdy and the car that best comes to mind is Toyota’s premier subcompact car, the Vios.

The Vios: the Ideal Subcompact Car


The Vios on paper is the very definition of a subcompact car. It sports a smaller frame than other cars, but the interior of the Vios will not lose out against its competitors. It’s proven to be the best subcompact vehicle in the market today as proven time and time again by its tag as Toyota Philippines’ best-selling car.

The Attributes of a Toyota Vios

What makes the Vios a perfect subcompact car? There are other aspects to this car aside from its ideal size and interior that make it one of the best subcompact cars to be ever designed and mass produced. Check out these specs!

Alarms – Security is a serious matter, so having an alarm or two will prove to be essential to any car owner, whether they are new or veterans. Car alarms are also a measure of a company’s dedication to customer safety because it is the primary line of defense against malicious intent.

Anti-lock braking system – The anti-lock braking system works by having a sensor scan the car’s wheels during a skid or a slide. It operates by detecting if any of the wheels are trying to lock up while braking. If any of them are trying to do so, the ABS directs some hydraulic valves to reduce or limit the braking on that wheel to prevent skidding. An even simpler explanation is it tries to prevent its occupants from suffering any injuries while the car is skidding or sliding.

5 Seating Capacity – Truly a family friendly car, the Toyota Vios offers a standard 5 seating capacity allowing the owner to enjoy going out with friends or family.

Most of these features are designed to keep its passengers safe, but often the best medicine is an ounce of prevention, or so they say. Remember to be a defensive driver and always respect the rules of the road, as well as the laws that pertain to driving. Driving safe is often the cooler thing to do. The Toyota Vios  stands head and shoulders above the competition simply because it provides more value for fairly reasonable price.

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