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Battle of the S’s: Sedans Versus SUV’s

By marian on November 16th, 2015


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Do you prefer a bulky and strong vehicle to a sleek and swift one? That is what a lot of people think when comparing sedans and SUV’s.

Both vehicles have their respective pros and cons. So if you have to make a difficult but necessary choice between the two, we at Toyota are here to help you. Is it going to be the Toyota Vios from the Philippines or the Toyota Fortuner? Read the following first before you decide.


Smooth Asphalt or Rough Terrain?

fortuner 1

This is the first criterion you have to take into consideration when choosing between the two. This is because SUV’s, shorthand for Sport Utility Vehicles, are designed not just for paved roads but also for unforgiving terrains – swamps, sand, rocks, just to name a few. Sedans, on the other hand, can’t do the same, as their engines and wheels are not made for anywhere else other than the asphalt. But if you have no plans of leaving the road, then that shouldn’t matter, right?

vios 2

Space Matters

fortuner 4

Another important factor when making up your mind is the space on both the interior and the cargo. And obviously, SUV’s have a lot more space for seating, cargo, and leg room as compared to sedans. That means if you are planning on having a lot of passengers on a regular basis, then the SUV would be for you. But of course, the space sedans offer nowadays is nothing to scoff at, considering that they have become bigger than their previous iterations.

vios 1

Which Looks Better?

fortuner 2

Don’t get it wrong; SUV’s and sedans are both stylish in their own ways. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that a lot of people find the latter a lot cooler-looking than the former, thanks to their sleek and aerodynamic design.

vios 3

And to add to their aesthetic charm, sedans are a lot more commonly and easily modifiable as compared to their SUV counterparts. Proof of this would be auto shows. It’s not the SUV’s – if there are even any – that get the limelight, but the tricked-out sedans with all their customizations – paint jobs, decals, rims, bumpers, headlights, and spoilers.


Buying Secondhand

fortuner 5

Although resold SUV’s are quite popular, a lot of people who opt for secondhand vehicles would rather go for sedans. Then again, who buys a car and thinks about the day when it will be sold, right? Well, it’s only practical to do so, as it’s common for people to sell their old vehicles, especially when they start showing problems, in order to make room for new ones.

vios 5

Bigger Isn’t Greener?

fortuner 3

In an age of environmental consciousness, Toyota has put a lot of effort in making its vehicles eco-friendly and fuel-efficient, whether they are SUV’s or sedans. Still, sedans are still arguably more fuel-efficient, as they have smaller engines and therefore consume less gasoline. And what’s more is that some sedans – take the Toyota Prius for example – feature a hybrid engine that not only consumes less fuel, but also allows the usage of electric power.

vios 4


Now that the advantages and disadvantages of both sedans and SUV’s have been laid down, it’s up to you to decide which one you’re going to go for. After all, it’s your ride.


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