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Significant Changes in Cars Over the Past 10 Years

By marian on February 23rd, 2017



“What are the significant changes in the past 10 years?” is a difficult question to answer. As the recent Miss Philippines demonstrated in her response, there is a lot of ways this can be interpreted. Once you do narrow this down to cars it becomes much simpler; car models such as the Toyota Wigo, a Philippine mainstay, show that much has changed in cars over the past 10 years.

It’s almost crazy how cars have developed and continue to be innovated to this very day, all with the goal of improving humanity’s total driving experience.


Navigation Systems

Back when navigation systems were first developed for cars it was primitive in design. It could only be afforded by the rich as more of a luxury item rather than a necessity. Simply put, navigation systems were for the wealthy. Nowadays these navigation systems are becoming a norm, with many companies developing their own take in it. Some systems are built-in, so naturally consumers are usually expecting it already. It is also much easier to update the system based on your location with software updates being readily available online. The best part is that they are more affordable and can be purchased by the masses.

Smart Keys

Long gone are the days where you have to insert the key into the ignition, turn it and feel the engine rev up right in your hand. Thanks to the innovations that have come about there seems to be no use for key holes on your car anymore. As long as you’re near your car unlocking it is just literally by pushing a button.

Parking Assist

Parking has also become much more convenient for drivers now you now have backup assistance systems. Not that you can do away with the mirrors, it’s still an important part of your car, this is just to make things a bit easier for you. Newer cars usually have the option to have it built in. If you’re driving an older model, you can still buy and install it yourself.

This assistance comes in the form of a rearview camera or sensors that beep as the vehicle gets nearer and nearer an object. The camera itself has improved from just providing an image to having better quality and guidelines in the picture. Some cars can even park themselves these days! The steering wheel turns on its own and all you have to control is the gas and breaks.

Every year a new model comes out, and what were once luxuries have now become a norm. Some changes are small and some are big but one thing is for sure: they all work towards the same goal, and that is to give a more convenient driving experience. Who knows what innovation comes next! As long as there are roads to drive on cars will consistently evolve.

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