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5 Signs That You’re Getting a Good Car Deal

By maigne on November 29th, 2018

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What are the signs that you’re getting a good car deal?

  1. The purchase price of the car
  2. Trade-in price
  3. Financing
  4. Sales are straight to the point
  5. Customer service


Toyota Motors Philippines has been constantly committed to bringing high-quality vehicles to many households in the country. Not everyone can imitate the ethics and excellence of Toyota as a brand, so you have to know these five signs that you are getting a good car deal to avoid being taken advantage of on your next car purchase.

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Purchase Price of the Car

One thing that you should know about Toyota Motors Philippines is that most, if not all of their cars are economical. Getting a good car deal should mean that it brings more value to your money. Good thing that online pricing guides are now available because you can estimate the purchase price of the car according to your budget. If you are hesitant about the car you are trying to purchase, you should keep in mind that choosing one with the most favorable numbers that are aligned with the outstanding performance of the car would be a wise decision.


Trade-in Price

Not a lot of car buyers factor in the trade-in price of the vehicle they are purchasing. Fortunately, brand new Toyota cars for sale in the Philippines have a high trade-in value. This makes them an efficient choice both as a brand new choice or for maximum trade-in. Check out guides to see if the car you are eyeing can compete in terms of trade-in price. This would mean that the vehicle is in demand and many people are looking for the chance to be behind its wheel so might as well continue with this great car deal. You can try to ask questions from the dealer and allow them to educate you about the prices included in the deal.




Aside from its economic benefits, financing is also a great indicator of a sound car deal because this means that the dealer cares greatly for your ownership of the car. Take note of monthly payments, loan length, and the interest rate. If it has been adjusted in accordance with your budget, then you are probably good to go. Auto loan interest rates are also included in this category. In addition, you have to remember that new cars have the tendency to depreciate quickly, so it would be a good idea to avoid wiping out your savings and shelling out everything you have.


Sales Reps Are Straight to the Point

You can know that a great car deal is within your grasp when you are engaging with a no-nonsense salesperson. When you arrive at a dealership, it is mostly understood that you are there to buy a car so salespeople should not have to hard-sell every chance they get. If the person who is taking you around the dealership is interested in building a relationship with you through their brand, you would feel safe to trust them enough to buy a car. Straight to the point approaches would mean a lot more than hard-sell techniques so watch out for this.


Customer Service

Customer Service

Speaking of people, customer service and sales go hand in hand. If you ask why this is because both would not be effective without the other. Know that you are buying into a great deal when the staff is courteous and responsive to your needs. Consider taking your business elsewhere if your patronage is not met with efficient customer service.


Key Takeaway

Be on the lookout for these five signs that point to a good car deal. It would be better to be safe than sorry in terms of a car investment. Always remember that you deserve the best and you should not hesitate to raise your standards when it comes to your next car purchase. Enjoy!

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