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Car DIY Tips: 3 Simple Car Repairs You Can Do at Home

By Vic on October 29th, 2015

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car repair mechanic

Whenever your car won’t start, calling for help is usually the first thing that comes to your mind. But while doing this does solve the problem, you shouldn’t always ask assistance for every car problem you encounter. Instead, try to fix it on your own. We’ve listed three simple car repair techniques below that you could apply on any ride – be it a Toyota Altis from the Philippines or a Fortuner.


Changing Headlight Bulbs

car headlight bulbs

First of all, you need to remove the headlight. To do this, you need take out the exterior rings or frames around the headlight, and then loosen up the retaining plate that keeps it in its place. Once that’s done, disconnect the wiring connector from the old bulb and check the connectors. If they are corroded, then it’s the one that has a problem. If not, though, then it’s the bulb, and that’s when you replace it by plugging the wiring into the new bulb and inserting it into the receptacle. Finally, put back the retaining plate into the socket. Don’t forget to hold the headlight while doing so and to test it out. If it still doesn’t work, then it’s time to seek professional help.


Add Air to Your Tires

inflating car tires

If you have a feeling that you’re going a bit slower than usual even though you know that your engine is doing fine, then your tires probably need a bit of air. Thankfully, putting air on them is as easy as it is important to know how. The first thing you have to do is remove the cap from the tire valve on the first tire. Then add air in short bursts using your portable tire inflator; this is so that you won’t accidentally exceed past the ideal pressure for your car tire, which you should know. Keep doing so until you get it right.

But before anything else, you need a portable tire inflator and an air gauge for this. It’s important that you have these two tools, as you don’t know when and where you’re going to need to pump air to your tires, and you can’t always expect that there’d be a gas station nearby.


Replacing Spark Plugs

spark plug

Believe it or not, changing spark plugs are pretty easy to do – all you need is time and patience.

To find them – four, six, or eight, depending on how many cylinders your car has – look for the thick rubbery wires, as that’s where they’re attached. Once you’ve found them, remove the wires from the first spark plug. And using your spark plug socket and extension on your ratchet, remove the first spark plug. Install the new one by screwing it in using your hand and finally tighten it using a wrench, then reattach the wires. Repeat the process for the other spark plugs.


See? They don’t seem so hard, do they? So the next time you’re having car problems, don’t call for help – not just yet, anyway. It’s your ride, so it should be your pride and honor to fix it.

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