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Simple Father’s Day Car Upgrades

By maigne on June 5th, 2018

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What are some great car-related gift ideas that you can surprise your dad with this Father’s Day?

  1. Tire Pressure Sensor
  2. Pearl RearView
  3. Phone Mount
  4. USB Emergency Escape Tool
  5. Brightech Scorpion


Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you are currently thinking about the endless possibilities as to what you can get your dad, a great idea to put a smile on his face is definitely to get him something for his car.

Whether your dad is driving a large SUV or a small compact vehicle like a Toyota Wigo in the Philippines, these gadget upgrades are definitely a perfect fit.

Below are 5 simple and amazing products that are sure to make your Father’s Day present an awesome and memorable one:

Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure Sensor

Many newer automobiles definitely have a tire inflation sensor, but if ever it is the case that our dad’s car isn’t equipped with one, this is totally the perfect upgrade. A tire pressure sensor is easily paired with modern day cars via Bluetooth.

The signal sends your car’s tire pressure status straight to your dad’s Android or any smartphone device. Another great factor to this device is that it comes with an in-car monitor, so your dad doesn’t have to keep looking at an app!


Pearl RearView

If your dad is skeptical and hesitant when it comes to digital-aged driving assistive devices, the Pear RearView is definitely a game-changing product that will put his sentiments to question.

This device is an excellent rearview camera. It essentially streams video from a solar-powered camera on the car’s license plate frame to your father’s dashboard-mounted smartphone.

 Phone Mount

Phone Mount

Safety is always the most important factor when it comes to cars and driving. And with a brand new phone mount, your dad is surely going to love all the conveniences that come with being able to access phone map and direction apps without compromising his focus and concentration on the road!

Whether your dad is using an Android, iPhone, or anything in between, be sure to get a phone mount that is durable and versatile for whatever device he plans to use while on the road.


USB Emergency Escape Tool

Ever since we were little children, our dads have always been there to teach us about preparing for an emergency. A USB emergency escape tool for his car can serve as a life-saving tool for when the possibility of disaster strikes.

A USB emergency escape tool isn’t just a dashboard two-port USB charger; it can serve as a razor-sharp seatbelt cutter and can easily cut through a seat’s strong material. It also comes with a window puncher that can crack windshields with ingenious ease.


Brightech Scorpion

Having your car’s battery drain and run out and needing assistance for a jump start is very common when on the road. Your dad would greatly appreciate this device as it alleviates those hassles.

This handheld jump starter is a safe way to bring life back to a dead cat battery!


Key Takeaway

Father’s Day is a very special time where we celebrate our dads and all that they have done for us; they taught us the most fundamental things that got us through life –everything from walking to driving.

Whether your dad drives a high-powered Toyota sports car or a simple compact Toyota Wigo here in the Philippines, make this Father’s Day a fantastic one by surprising him with one of these great car device upgrades!

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