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How to Detail Your Car

By maigne on September 2nd, 2019

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What are the steps to detail your car?


  1. Caring for Glass Surfaces
  2. Applying Wax Is Easy
  3. Caring for Your Carpet
  4. Deodorizing Your Vents


Aside from refueling your tank, changing oil and rotating tires, detailing your car is also an important process to maintain the quality of your vehicle and at the same time to make it shiny and glossy. Car detailing is also done to shield your car paint from damage due to UV rays. Toyota Innova Philippines offers express maintenance as part of an excellent after-sales effort to satisfy the needs of the customers. Here is a list of things done to the car during detailing.


Caring for Glass Surfaces

Eliminating any unwanted dirt, and road grime on the surface of the glass exterior is the first step in the car detailing. Caring for the glass exterior surface is washing off the dirt. A foaming glass cleaner does the best job in cleaning the glass exterior of your car. Other cleaning products include microfiber towels, wash mitts, and soap. The products should be soft to prevent leaving scratch marks on the glass surfaces.


Applying Wax is Easy


Normally, after washing the car to remove any dirt, waxing comes next. Car wax, paint sealants, and ceramic coatings are the most commonly used protection of the exterior of the car. To remove tougher blemishes on the surface of the car, a clay bar is used to remove unnecessary residue and spots. While the clay bar works hard to remove spots and minor scratches, deeper scratches may need paint touch-ups.

Once the windows are clean and streak-free, brushing and wiping the wheels come next. Clean the rims and make sure the cleaning liquid product does not penetrate the tire itself. This is to avoid the liquid from spraying back to the body of the car while driving.


Caring for Your Carpet


Vacuuming the carpet is not enough to remove stain spots on the carpet. It only does the job of removing dust in between the fibers and crevices of the carpet. To remove the soiled spots, a foaming upholstery cleaner loosens the stain and wiping it off is easier. Carefully brush off the remaining stain with a stiff-bristled brush. Thoroughly scrubbing will ultimately eliminate the soiled spot on the carpet.


For a spotless carpet, wait until the area dries up. Vacuuming the spot again is necessary to ensure no solidified dirt will remain. A stubborn greasy carpet and upholstery stain may require paint thinner. Simply rub the paint thinner on the grease spot to make it easier to wipe off.


Deodorizing Your Vents

A smelly car on the inside defeats its aesthetic beauty on the outside. The AC vent is to take the blame. Imagine turning on your AC only to be choked by the pungent smell it emits in the air. Part of the process of detailing your car is deodorizing its vents when vent clips and air fresheners seem to fail at cleaning the cold air the AC produces.


Spray cleaners usually do the trick, but for major issues, you may have to replace the cabin filter. As water condenses around the coils of the car’s evaporator, germs and pollen thrive, thus creating a pungent smell. Once they build on the coils, other debris and dust can get stuck and this adds to the unwanted scent.


Key Takeaway


As much as DIY detailing works for many, other cars may need a deeper cleaning. Car manufacturers like Toyota Innova Philippines offer express maintenance, a quality service provided for people who may not have the leisure of time to do the detailing themselves. Detailing does so much more than what can be seen. When you have your car detailed, the interior and exterior are not only cleaned, the vehicle’s life is also prolonged.

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