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Toyota Motors Philippines: The A90 Supra is a Worthy Successor

By maigne on February 20th, 2019


What makes the A90 Supra a worthy successor?

  1. Its unique powertrain
  2. It has an aggressive chassis
  3. Its stylish exterior


Toyota has finally announced the release of the successor of one of their most iconic cars ever. The Toyota Supra. This car is popular among automotive enthusiasts due to its extreme engine power potential and surprisingly nimble handling, despite being a heavy car.

Toyota Motors Philippines has given us a line-up of the best cars to ever hit our shores, cars like the Corolla and GT86 have cemented their name as the people’s favorite in the world of Philippine motoring. Will this new A90 Toyota live up to the reputation of the JZA80 MKIV Supra? Let’s find out.



If there’s one thing everyone should know, it’s that the new Toyota Supra was made in collaboration with BMW. In fact, the engine itself comes from BMW’s Z4 sports car. The B58 in-line six-cylinder engine will be the heart of the A90 Supra. This may be an issue with purists and hardcore Supra fans.

As the previous Supra was powered by the iconic turbo-charged JZ engine line. These engines were famous for being capable of handling more than 800 horsepower with simply turning up the boost and using the stock internal engine components. Toyota has discontinued the development of the JZ engine and opted for BMW’s B58. It still seems fitting as the legacy of a straight six engine in a Supra still lives on, just with a different name.


The new 3-liter straight six engine of the A90 Supra will make around 335 horsepower and 332 pound feet of torque. This will be mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The Toyota Supra’s new powertrain is said to be significantly more responsive than any other Supra in the past. In this department, the new engine does not disappoint.




The chassis of the A90 Supra is an all new platform. Toyota has designed the chassis to the race track. With a 50-50 weight distribution and short wheelbase, the new Supra handles way better than its predecessor.

Its wide track is made to handle extreme g-forces during aggressive cornering while delivering amazing asphalt clawing rear traction. With this new layout, you can brake much later into a turn and get on the power earlier than most cars in its class. This car is definitely not a slouch. With all the bells and whistles this car comes with, we hope to see this car in the pricelist of Toyota Philippines.




The A90 Supra’s exterior design was inspired by Toyota’s FT-1 concept back in 2014, although there are some minimal traces of the JZA80’s characteristics that the A90 carries. You can tell that the designers have done all they can to modernize the previous Toyota Supra and recreate a more contemporary sports car. This is how a proper new Supra should look. Clean and sharp lines with a combination of curves and aerodynamically attuned look.


Key Takeaway

The A90 Supra is a proper successor to the well-famed JZA80 Toyota Supra. The revival of this new Supra will be one for the books in the future. It is still powered by a straight six, it’s a very capable sports car, and it’s equipped with state-of-the-art technology to improve driving dynamics.

The pricelist of this Toyota car in the Philippines is unknown, but in the United States, the A90 Supra is said to cost $49,990. Many car enthusiasts hope to see this car in the showroom of Toyota Motors Philippines soon.

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