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The 2 Best Dashcam Benefits

By Vic on May 30th, 2016

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Almost everybody makes use of technology in their everyday lives. People from all over the world are connected in real time with the help of the internet. Today’s internet age have amassed a network of information being sent and received in real time. One of the most useful forms of media in today’s digital age is video and footage-taking. In the Philippines, dash cam owners only comprise a small margin in the driving community. Toyota Vios in the Philippines, Toyota Prius and Camry cars have the potential to expand the Filipino population of dash cam owners. This is due to the fact that Toyota cars are among the most popular cars in the country.

Dash cameras are very helpful in times of unexpected occurrences. While Filipinos are more than willing to embrace the advancements of technology, our policies have yet to catch up with the trends in the world market. Dash cameras provide objectivity and infallible documentation when it comes to road accidents or altercations that are wrapped in confusion mixed with misinformation. In other parts of the world like Europe and the United States, insurance companies have begun to realize the importance of having dash cameras. Vehicle owners with dash cameras are given lower insurance rates than those without dash cameras installed. Let’s look at some of the benefits of installing a dash camera for your car.


Dash cams for your car provides proof beyond reasonable doubt in driving or parking accidents. Dash cameras usually start recording as programmed. They can be set to continuously take footage even if you’re away from your vehicle. Some dash cameras have motion detectors in them. With the continuous proliferation of technology throughout our lives, there are dash cameras available today that are motion sensitive and starts recording when it detects motion within a certain radius. This is especially useful and vital in documenting accidents in car parks.

Dash cameras are also useful in documenting or recording other crimes apart from car-related incidences. Dash cameras become especially useful in capturing, recording, or reporting dangerous vehicle drivers. Dash cameras are also useful in helping authority like the police to identify culprits in road accidents, hit-and-run accidents, or aid in uncovering the truth in fraudulent crimes. Dash cameras provide objectivity and absolute certainty in recording facts provided by witnesses that may be distorted or fuzzy due to poor memory or lack of detail.

Record Unexpected Moments

One of the happier benefits of owning a dash camera is the advantage of recording unexpected moments during for example a long road trip with your family or friends. Dash cameras also record in-car activity so your trips are eternalised in video form once the trip is over. For parents with teenaged children, dash cameras are especially useful in recording and assessing a young driver’s driving technique. This helps the parents and the young driver in improving on certain points that can help as they get more used to driving a vehicle without immediate supervision.

The advent of technology has allowed us to better our lives as useful equipment like the dash camera are continuously improved for the benefit of the many. The advancement of technology has yet to catch up to the developing Philippines but with the aid of popular cars like Toyota Vios in the Philippines can help in raising awareness about the benefits of the dash camera.

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