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Not Just for Asphalt! 3 of the Best Off-Road Vehicles Made by Toyota

By marian on October 15th, 2015


If you think cars are meant only for the road alone, then you’re completely out of line! While it’s an undeniable truth that most rides are meant for the asphalt, some are built to have their wheels hit dirt, mud, or even rocks. They are called off-road vehicles, and Toyota is a brand that has been producing a lot of these mean and powerful machines.

Aside from the Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines, here are a few of Toyota’s roughest and toughest off-asphalt beasts.


Toyota FJ Cruiser

toyota fj cruiser

With its compact and square design and bright color theme, it’s easy to think that the Toyota FJ Cruiser’s natural habitat is the wild and open range, many miles away from the urban jungle.

Its 4.0L Dual VVT-I engine supplies its big, grooved wheels, which are fitted for treks both on and off the road, with 280 horsepower and maximum torque, allowing it to cross even some of the toughest terrains there is. And other than its engine, wheels, and exterior, the Toyota FJ Cruiser offers a comfortable interior which has more than enough leg space for six to eight people and pays homage to great Toyota 4×4 models of the past.


Toyota Land Cruiser

toyota land cruiser

Toyota loves its Cruisers, and Toyota SUV lovers love them too. And with the Land Cruiser, what’s not to love?

Ever since it was first released way back in 1951, the Toyota Land Cruiser remains as one of the brand’s most prestigious, most iconic, most powerful, and most versatile all-terrain SUVs. With a strong and sturdy body that gives off an image of both tenacity and elegance, it commands attention wherever it goes. And because its 4.5 liter V-8 turbocharged diesel engine delivers power to its wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission and a 4WD system, it has more than enough raw muscle and ability to cross any terrain it has to take. And lastly, you and your passengers won’t feel unsafe and uncomfortable when you’re inside the Land Cruiser as it’s equipped with three rows of seating, which has generous leg space and airbags on the front, side, and near the curtains.

Secure, mighty, and stylish – the Toyota Land Cruiser has the makings of a classic, classy, and class-A off-road SUV.


Toyota RAV4

toyota rav 4

Sleek, smooth, and compact –that is what the RAV4 is! In fact, because of this SUV’s finesse, people seem to forget that it’s created to traverse the most savage wildernesses. But even though it can be an off-road beast, it doesn’t sacrifice any of its other handsome features.

As compared to the FJ Cruiser and Land Cruiser, it only has a 2.5L engine. But despite having less, it definitely has more than enough power to go off-road no matter how rough it may get. In addition, with its sharp exterior, it can be as much of a head-turner as other flagship Toyota SUVs. Last but definitely not least would be safety, and the RAV4 was built with that in mind, as it has an anti-lock braking system and an impact absorption body that protects you and anyone you’ll bring along.


If it’s not easy to be king of the road, then imagine how hard it must be to rule every terrain off anything that’s paved. Toyota, however, makes it seem like a piece of cake – as expected from one of the best car companies in the world.


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