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The Coolest Car Colors for Your Toyota Vios

By marian on February 17th, 2016



Travelling can be such a hassle especially around Metro Manila. Every day, Filipinos spend an enormous amount of time sitting on a bus, or train perhaps, as drivers navigate the concrete jungles of Manila. If you have an efficient car, like Toyota Vios in the Philippines,then you can probably cut your travel time since you don’t have to pick up other passengers on your way to work or home.

Aside choosing a vehicle to suit your needs, you also have to mind the exterior of the car. Do you like its color? Don’t worry because if you don’t like it, you can always give it a new paint job. Look at the selection of the coolest car colors below to see which one suits you and your character perfectly!

Lime Green

Green is usually a calming color probably because it is commonly associated with nature. In spite of this, there is nothing relaxing about the color lime green, especially on a car. You might be surprised by what this hue can do for your car, particularly if its size is on the small side. It can really bring the best out of it, making your vehicle an attention-grabber as you cruise through the streets of your village. Try driving your Lime Green car in the night and see how many people will stare in awe at your car!

Arena Red

Red is a common color for cars, especially back in the day. You’ve probably seen enough of cars painted in flat red when watching old movies. While some people think that red looks good on a car, some think it’s just downright boring. If you don’t like the flat red look but still want your Toyota Vios to be red, try Arena red. It will give your car more character and its dark metallic hue will surely make your vehicle look more exciting especially at night.


Freedom White

For years, white has been a dominant choice when it comes to car colors. From time to time, a different car color, like black or silver for instance, will sit at the top of the most popular car colors list, but white always end up reclaiming the top spot. Why? It’s because the color white denotes luxury and quality. In addition, electronic trends might have something to do with it too. The emergence of white-colored gadgets (as popularized by the likes of Apple) cemented the color’s status as being hip and cool. If you’re looking for a brand new car painted in Freedom White, then you should buy a Toyota Vios.

Inka Orange

Most of the time, cars are painted with neutral colors such as blue. Although it has the ability to make vehicles look luxurious, sometimes, it just makes it look lackluster. After all, it seems as if majority of the population has a black or silver car right? If you are looking for a car color that is so magnetic it will easily catch the attention of the people around you, go for Inka Orange. This hue is usually the default color of sports cars along with red, because it has the tendency to make a car more eye-catching. Paint your car Inka Orange to give your ride an electrified look!

Ultimately, the color of your car will depend on how you want to be seen. If you want to give your car a splendid look, then you should probably go with neutral colors like white or black. On the other hand, if you want your car to look flashy, then  go for colors like Lime Green, Arena Red, or Inka Orange.


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