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The Toyota Corolla Through The Years

By Vic on May 12th, 2016

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The Toyota Corolla (without the Altis suffix) was the Japanese carmaker’s bestselling sedan, before the Vios came in and became the all-around vehicle in Toyota’s stable. The Corolla became larger and more cumbersome as the Vios ascended in popularity. However, at the time when the 10th generation was released, the Corolla was revamped into Toyota Altis in the Philippines, producing what we know as the Corolla-Altis model.

The Toyota Corolla is a compact four-door sedan. Over its 11 generations on sale in markets around the world, it’s become one of the most widely known and most successful car names ever since 1974. It even became the bestselling nameplate in the world, surpassing the Beetle. For most of its life, this model is aimed at those seeking for reliability over styling flair, luxurious features, and sporty handling. Its name Corolla is part of Toyota’s tradition of using names derived from Toyota Crown, a line of mid-sized and full-sized luxury sedans by Toyota aimed at the Japanese market. Since 2013, more than 40 million Corollas were sold, making it the most popular car line in history.

A Vision Of The Future

The first Toyota Corolla was developed by Japanese aeronautics and automotive engineer Tatsuo Hasegawa. Introduced in 1966, his vision for the Corolla was a vehicle that is made to compete with the growing number of compact vehicles from the European market. Hasegawa’s vision of a motorization boom in Japan prompted for the development of a large automobile plant in Takaoka in order to exclusively manufacture the Corolla. During this time in the late 60s, he believed that nuclear families living in the suburbs will eventually need a family car. Hasegawa applied the aerodynamics theory to his design of the automobile. He also took inspiration from the designs of European cars with floor-shift transmission instead of the standard column shift common during that time.

After much research and continued testing, the MacPherson strut suspension was also incorporated to the vehicle. The newly adopted strut suspension allowed for a larger compartment for the engine, make the vehicle much lighter, while at the same time reduce the cost of manufacturing. In conceptualizing the family car, innovative technologies such as improving the comfort of the seats, increase of the rear seat space, and an increase in the height of the roof allowed for the Corolla a definite edge in the competitive world of the automobile industry.

Continuing Legacy

Toyota believes in putting their customers’ needs and happiness first. With this in mind, Toyota continues to improve their standard features without focusing on the cost. Toyota continues to introduce new technologies and specifications in order to deliver the best for their customers. This progressive thinking allows for Toyota to stay ahead in the global automobile industry. In the Philippines, Toyota is recognized as a top-class vehicle made for the modern age. Toyota Altis in the Philippines is one renowned vehicle that Filipinos recognize to be a symbol of optimum quality. Toyota is now recognized in more than 140 countries that is globally recognized as a company that produces quality vehicles suited for the customer’s needs with a legacy that spans more than 40 years.

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