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The Toyota FT-1: A Red Hotrod for the Cold Season

By Vic on December 25th, 2015

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Toyota FT-1 back

Get ready world, because here comes a car that’s not just about beauty but about speed as well. We’re talking about the FT-1, a vehicle you wish will be released to the masses like the Toyota Wigo in the Philippines.

The FT1 is a concept car, meaning it will never be reproduced in full detail, but a version of it might be with several revisions to comply with the global rules and regulations set by the motoring associations worldwide. The FT-1 is one of the most awaited concept cars and when it came out, people were not disappointed. Discover why as we take an in-depth look at the Toyota FT-1.



Toyota is sure to surpass your expectations of what the interior of the FT-1 ought to look like, thanks to its compact yet comfortable look. All the tools and instruments the driver needs are within his or her reach, perfect for anyone who really wants to focus on their driving and speed.

Toyota FT-1 interior

When it comes to seating, you’ll definitely be driving in comfort on its leather covered seats. The driver’s seat is perfectly situated to give him or her great a great view of the road. This coupe seats two in front and two in the back, but it definitely won’t be a squeeze as the Ft-1 is 77.6 inches wide.

Got keys? With this vehicle, you’ll have to use them only twice: to open the doors and to pop open the trunk. So how in the world will you start the engine of this magnificent vehicle? Not by a magic wand or hotwiring it but by one push of a button situated on the car’s steering wheel. The big, red button isn’t hard to miss and will surely make starting the car easier.



Toyota FT-1 exterior

Designed by the creative team at Calty Design and Research in California, the FT-1 you might think this is the car Batman would have driven had he owned a sportscar. It has a wheelbase of 107.9 inches, perfect for wheels ready to speed down the highway. This coupe is 184.1 inches long and 48.2 inches in height. The FT1 concept car is available in two colors, the original red debuted at the North American International Auto Show and gray, which debuted at the Monterey Jet Center in Monterey, California, much later in the year.



Toyota FT-1 engine

There are no true specs available for the engine underneath the hood, but many suspect it to deliver an estimated 380-400 horsepower, enough to bring other sportscars to shame. This also means not only will it perform great on the racetrack but on the road as well.


The Game

Toyota FT-1 outdoors

You may be unable to drive this car in real life, but thanks to the magic of technology and a few car game fanatics, the Toyota FT-1 is now available for you in the “Vision Gran Turismo” festival held by the Gran Turismo team in celebration of their 15th anniversary. The game features not just the FT-1 but other concept cars designed by top car manufacturers. For this game, the FT-1’s desgn was tweaked and is now called the FT-1 VGT.


The FT-1 is the sportscar your heart has been waiting for all these years. No doubt if this baby were to mass produced, it will be sell out in a matter of days.


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