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By marian on July 8th, 2016


2016-02-05 14:03:56 epa05149359 (FILE) A picture dated 05 February 2016 shows Toyota Motor logo on a vehicle displayed at a company’s showroom in Tokyo, Japan. Starting 08 February 2016, Toyota Motor halted all production at its factories in Japan due to a steel shortage following a blast last month at a steel plant. Assembly lines will be suspended for the rest of the week at 29 plants. Operations are expected to resume on 15 February 2016. EPA/CHRISTOPHER JUE

In the highly competitive car market, it would take a lot for a brand to stand out. Toyota has worked very hard to become a leading manufacturer – today they consistently top sales, value for money and safety rankings around the world. With their extensive range of vehicles like the Toyota Vios, Fortuner, Hilux and Innova in the Philippines, Toyota has gathered a loyal client base who values the solid reputation of their vehicles. This reputation has been built on the quality, reliability, and durability of their product.

Since their cars are built to last, Toyota cars tend to have a high resale value and not suffer the same rapid depreciation of some competitors. In addition to low ownership costs, this makes owning a Toyota a financially viable and sound decision. Here is a closer look at why Toyota is different from its competitors and why so many individuals are choosing their cars over others:


Toyota cars are known for their durability, which adds to the owner’s savings. When you decide to get a car from Toyota, it is a guarantee that it’s going to last because Toyota’s hallmark is keeping every driver on the road in a quality, safe and durable vehicle.

Best Resale Value

Kelley Blue Book (KBB), which is one of the most trusted online resources for selling cars, ranks Toyota as the brand with the highest resale value. Toyota has quality vehicles that offer maximum comfort and improve people’s lives for affordable prices. Thanks to those attributes, Toyota has garnered high praises from KBB.

More AWD/4WD Vehicles

In the industry, nobody has more AWD and 4WD vehicles on the market than Toyota. The company is a top pick among the outdoor crowd who are looking to bring value, style, reliability, and functionality to their adventures. Every year, Toyota gets the most industry accolades for its lineup of AWD and 4WD vehicles.


Safety is the topmost concern for every driver out there and Toyota made sure they got that covered. Aside from reliability and durability, Toyota has established safety as part of its brand. They made sure that the driver’s, passengers’, and pedestrians’ safety is the most important feature of any vehicle.


 toyota let's go places

Top in Innovation

Toyota moved the world with the introduction of the Prius, and the innovation continues with every model that Toyota puts out. The company has been an industry leader in efficiency, economy, and quality for decades, with a loyal following of people who realize Toyota is a major innovator.

Best in Reliability

Reliability is Toyota’s second best weapon, next to safety. JD Powers, an American-based global marketing information services firm, ranked Toyota vehicles the highest in reliability. Toyota is a legend among owners and with the added support from JD Powers, every owner will be confident about their newly bought car.

Green vehicles

Toyota is the leading brand when it comes to the field of green technology. With the launch of the legendary Prius and Avalon hybrid, Toyota has proven that they are capable of producing environment-friendly cars.

Year after year, customers find that the overall quality of Toyota is the best in the industry. With the continual high numbers from JD Powers and KBB, it is a guarantee that Toyota is your best bet when it comes to new or used cars, trucks and SUVs.

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