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Tips to Relieve Stress During a Traffic Jam While Driving a Toyota Wigo in the Philippines

By maigne on June 11th, 2018

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What are some surefire tips to help you unwind during an intense traffic jam?

  1. Music and singing
  2. Listen to podcasts
  3. Meditate
  4. Imagination stimulation
  5. Reflect


Without a doubt, the Toyota Wigo is one of the Philippines most beloved automotive vehicles. But no matter how much you get lost in all it’s amazing features, gadgets, and accessory wonders, the frustrating traffic build-ups can often get a little too overwhelming.

Whether you’ve had a stressful and rough day at work or the opposite, intense traffic can really test your patience and get under your skin –especially if you are in a rush to be somewhere. Busy roads like EDSA can get insanely clogged during rush hours.

Below are 5 simple, yet fully-effective means to alleviate stress while stuck in traffic:

 Listen to Music

Play Some Jams and Sing Your Heart Out

There is simply no underestimating the power of music. Whatever genre it is that you are into, just put in a CD or hook your phone up on the AUX or Bluetooth and let the powers of rhythm and melody melt all your negative vibrations away.

What’s great about driving and being in a car is the privacy; this enables you to sing your lungs out and have a great time –express all your troubles and anxieties with a classic car-ride sing-a-long!


Listen to Podcasts or Audiobooks

One of the best things about this digital day and age is the advent of podcasts and audiobooks. For the most part, podcasts are completely free for download and streaming. There is a wide array of podcast shows for literally ANY topic that you even have the slightest interest in –no matter how esoteric.

Audiobooks are also a great way to unwind by letting a soothing narrator’s voice fill your brain with invaluable insights and information.


Health and Meditation

Being stuck behind the wheel in a traffic jam is definitely idle time. And it would be most ideal to use this time to exercise your breathing and peace of mind by simple meditative practice. Clearing your head and focusing on your breathing tempo will put you in a most tranquil state.

Keep Yourself Busy on the Road

Keeping Your Mind Busy

Getting trapped in a traffic jam is the perfect time to get lost in your own imagination. Use this time as an opportunity to let your mind wander. You can even use these moments as a precious space for mental stimulation by observing your surroundings –billboards are put up for a reason besides plain advertising.


Universal Reflection

Stemming off from the last point, you can use this idle time in your car to think deeply about where you are in life. But it’s important to do this strictly with a positive mindset. Use this time frame to pause, look back, and really appreciate all the great things that you have going on in your life and all the excitement that the future holds.


Key Takeaway

Whatever excellent Toyota vehicle you are driving – Corolla, Camry, or even a Philippine Toyota Wigo, no ride is completely immune to the perils of an unexpected traffic jam. But don’t make the mistake of letting a silly traffic burst get the best of you. Simply follow these tips and without a doubt, every car-ride from now on will be a smooth sail.

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