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6 Tips on Dealing with Road Accidents

By maigne on April 23rd, 2019


What should you do when you encounter trouble while driving?

  1. Keep calm
  2. Assess the situation
  3. Check your surroundings
  4. Admit your mistakes
  5. Call your insurance company
  6. Stay at the scene


It’s natural that one should come across mishaps when driving. This doesn’t only apply to new drivers, but even to professionals who are considered ‘veterans’ with the skill. But imagine driving your Toyota Motors in the Philippines and you suddenly got involved in a troublesome situation?

Trouble does not only pertain to road accidents, but also circumstances when heated arguments are present between you and another driver. What if someone has a newly bought Toyota Fortuner for sale and it suddenly received a minor scratch?

Thinking about these scenarios is stressful enough, what more if you are going to have a firsthand experience of it? In order to avoid this, here’s a short guide on how you may be able to keep your cool if ever you get caught in this kind of fiasco.


Keep calm

Keep Calm

This is probably a piece of advice that is applicable to all situations and not just in driving. Whether it involves an accident or an argument, remember to take it easy, and practice taking deep breaths in order to pacify the incoming stress and panic. The more your emotions build up, the more you become erratic in making a sound decision.


Assess the situation

The best and quickest way to get out of any trouble is to have a full view of your encounter. Situations which require the utmost critical thinking will remind you to avoid making impulsive decisions which could add fuel to the fire. When caught in an argument, check the discussion at hand to get a better grip on the event.


Check your surroundings

Check your surroundings

The reason why road rage scenes occur in the middle of the road is because there is a pent-up frustration from the drivers. Always remind yourself to be mindful of your surroundings because you are not the only one driving on the road. Be sensitive to other drivers and avoid violating traffic rules.


Admit your mistakes

Even when you have bought that new Toyota Fortuner for sale, the police wouldn’t mind the stylish, new car if they pull you over because they spot an error in the way you drive, or you have unconsciously committed a mistake. Keep calm, talk to the officer with sincerity and politeness, and admit that you have made a mistake. Being arrogant will get you nowhere.


Call your insurance company

Call your insurance company

After you have assessed the situation you are in, and you are calmly waiting for what the authorities propose of the trouble, your next course of action is to call your car’s insurance in order to find out what could be done with the damage your car received, and how to be able to fix it. File an incident report if you must.


Stay at the scene

When you get involved in a collision—even the lightest bump—stay on the scene. Even if you didn’t cause the accident this is a must because leaving the area may result in criminal penalties, even the suspension of your license. It is best to wait for the authorities to arrive and tend to the situation before they give the signal you are cleared to go.


Key Takeaway

Maybe the trouble involves a car accident, a road rage, or a traffic violation, it could be quite a scare when it talks about your safety as a person and a driver. The best way to avoid getting into trouble along the road is by being focused and mindful of the surrounding traffic.  Take care of your car from Toyota Motors Philippines so you can travel wherever you would like to go!

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