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Top 5 Things your Car Can Live Without

By maigne on August 14th, 2017

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What are the 5 most common things a car can live without?

  1. Bouncing Wheels
  2. Loud Mufflers
  3. Voice Control
  4. Square Cup Holders
  5. Touch-Sensitive Controls


When it comes to today’s times, there have been numerous advancements made in every aspect of the world, especially in terms of transportation. With some cash to spend, you might succumb to upgrades for your Toyota Vios in the Philippines.

But just because there are countless accessories available in the market for your car, that doesn’t always mean that they’all re that important. While some car gadgets can definitely make driving a whole lot easier, there are just others that you and your car can definitely survive without. Here are five things you definitely don’t need.

Bouncing Wheels

If you’ve ever seen cars with these kinds of wheels, you know that there’s bound to be a contest to see whose car is the most ‘pimped’. Though cool as they sound, they’re just one of the accessories that don’t really add value. It just goes to show that while something may seem cool, it isn’t always the best option.

Loud Mufflers

Are you a professional racer or drifter? No? Then your car definitely does not need this. Not only are notoriously loud mufflers disruptive for the people around you, the concept of silence while driving is almost non-existent. Plus, they cost a lot of money to purchase.

Voice Control

Admittedly, this can be quite useful. The fact that you can control various aspects in your vehicle with the sound of your voice helps keep your hands on the wheel where they should be. However, like other things of modernity, voice control is a technology that is still being perfected as of the moment and might not work as you expect it to.

Square Cup Holders

People seem to be obsessed with taking out drinks. Whether it’s coffee, milk tea, a smoothie, or juice, we constantly have drinks in our hads. When it’s time to drive, you need to set the cup somewhere where it won’t spill, hence the cup holders.

Since the shape of a cup is round, it would make sense if the cup holder to place your drink in would be round. There has also been a demand for square cup holders so there’s a place to set down juiceboxes and the like. Unless you have kids or are obsessed with milk/juiceboxes, there’s really no other good use for it.

Touch-Sensitive Controls

Many drivers have grown accustomed to using the tiny little screens that many cars come with nowadays to do things like adjust the volume and other settings. Though touch-sensitive controls can make things a bit convenient for you at times, this is actually a feature your car can live without.


Key Takeaway

There’s no doubt that cars nowadays receive so many upgrades. It seems that more and more features are being rolled out each year. But with the ever-growing list of gadgets for your car, the list above shows that not everything, despite how cool it may be, is particularly necessary.

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