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By marian on April 16th, 2016


Toyota cars are all built with comfort, style, stability and safety in mind. From the Toyota FT-1 to the more road friendly Toyota Wigo, in the Philippines or anywhere else in the world, Toyota continues to uphold the high standards it prides itself on. Toyota cars are great because they are stylish enough to be considered chic but the best part about them is that they are affordable.

Celebrities love Toyota cars!

Hollywood Celebrities are often spotted driving their Toyota cars around Hollywood, from A-Listers like Leonardo Di Caprio to TV legends like David Duchovny, dozens of celebrities you see on TV or on the big screen are proud owners of a Toyota car.

It’s not just their real life counterparts that drive Toyota though as more and more Toyota cars are beginning to appear on TV screens. This shows that Toyota cars are not only stable, safe and economical, they also look good enough to receive the red carpet treatment!

Here are some examples of Toyota Cars appearing on the TV screen:


Six Feet Under


Described as a show that deals with the Fisher Family who runs their own Funeral House in Los Angeles, California, Six Feet Under is a dramatic show that focuses on issues that people deal with daily as well as the realities of death and life. The show received wide spread acclaim due to the actors’ skillful acting as well as the interesting storyline.

Six Feet Under featured a Toyota Prius which was driven by Claire, a major character in the show during the acclaimed finale of the show.



A show that ran for 5 years, Chuck is a comedy show that focuses on the exploits of Chuck, a twenty-something year old self-described nerd who is embroiled in the world of espionage. The show deals with Chuck coping with his new life as the Human interface of the spy’s information network that can temporarily grant spy skills while trying to live his life as normally as he could.

Chuck featured a Toyota Yaris which served as the official vehicle of Chuck’s place of employment Nerd Herd. The Yaris was often seen being driven by Chuck on his way to make a delivery or even when running away from rogue agents.



Psyche is a mystery/comedy hybrid that deals with a faux psychic medium and his best friend as they try to solve mysteries and catch bad guys as “special consultants” for the local police department.

Prominently featured in the show is the supporting character Gus’ blue Toyota Echo. The Toyota car was such a staple in the show that it was often seen being driven by the characters at various points in the series as their main mode of transportation. The car was so beloved that fans often joke about it being more of a major character than its owner himself.

So there you have it, these 3 Toyota Cars are only a few of the many Toyota cars to have been featured in shows around the world.


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