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Crown Jewel: What Makes Toyota Corolla The Bestselling Car Of All Time?

By marian on May 13th, 2015


In 1966, the Toyota Corolla was designed, introduced, and manufactured. Now almost 50 years have passed, and this line of compact and sub-compact cars continues to dominate the automotive industry; its name as immortalized as many other Toyota classic models. It bested other competitors, including the Volkswagen Beetle. No other car brand has achieved this feat—except maybe for Toyota Innova Philippines, which is catching up in terms of prestige and sales.

The Corolla’s face and specs may have changed over time, but Toyota’s commitment to their customers remains solid and grounded on one goal—to give the best quality services, once again proving the company’s track record of quality and dedication.

So, aside makes the Toyota Corolla a favorite among car owners and enthusiasts? Read on to know more!

toyota corolla innova 2015

Style and Elegance

As part of its technological evolution, the Toyota Corolla’s interior and exterior have improved, giving the customers a better and sleeker design. One look at the Corolla and you will automatically notice that it exudes elegance because of its unique design, and you can even choose colors that will match your personality. It has additional features such as LED low-beam headlights with halogen high beams, LED daytime running lights, Integrated fog lights, and color-keyed parts.

Convenience as Promised

Almost every car in the market assures convenience with every ride, but in reality, not everyone can live up to this promise. However, Toyota Corolla is one car that can guarantee customers with exactly the ease and comfort in driving that they are looking for. It has the Smart Key System that locks and unlocks doors—and even starts your car—with just a push of a button. More features include the Automatic Climate Control that regulates the temperature in your car according to how you want it, the Multi-Information Display that lets you know of your engine’s status with one quick glance; Cruise Control which aids you on long drives; and the Moonroof which, when opened, gives you a fantastic view of the sky.

toyota corolla seats safety

Guaranteed Safety

The Corolla wouldn’t have thrived for many years if not for the remarkable safety standards that Toyota sets. Safety has become the staple element in the production of this type of car. In its present model, safety is further emphasized through eight standard airbags; Star Safety System that keeps an eye out for your braking and other actions that your car performs; the Tire Pressure Monitor System that keeps track of your tire’s condition; the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH), which help you take care of little ones while you’re on the road; and the Whiplash-Injury-Lessening seats that literally lessens the impact on the front seats should there be an accident. With these advanced features, 100% safety is ensured and you will be able to enjoy your trip without worrying about anything.

Fuel Efficiency

The newest Toyota Corolla is equipped with an estimated 42 highway mpg and 30 city mpg as well as Eco-driving Mode to monitor fuel efficiency so you can save gas. Another is the CVTi-S Valvematic Technology which gives you more control for a smoother road trip.

toyota corolla interior

State-of-the-Art And Smart

To complete the list of Toyota Corolla’s handsome features would be its multimedia system. It has the latest Etune Premium Audio with Navigation and App Suites as well as USB ports that upgrade your music-listening and traveling experience.

Gone are the days when parking in a tight spot is an ordeal. With the installed backup camera, you can get a good view of your rear while you’re on reverse. It also has voice recognition to make it easier for you to fulfill tasks, including call-making.

The Toyota Corolla managed to penetrate the automotive industry by taking its time in improving every bit and detail of it over the years. It remained as the best-selling car of all time because it was able to meet the expectations of customers and ensure their welfare, all while staying visible in the market. Millions of Corolla owners are witnesses to how this car has given a different definition to driving—it will consistently be like a family member for more people in the next 50 years and beyond.

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