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Toyota Motors Philippines: Providing Excellent Service to Filipinos

By maigne on November 6th, 2018

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How does Toyota Motors Philippines provide excellent service to the Filipino people?

  1. Leading provider of quality vehicles
  2. Maintaining good relations with the Philippine government
  3. Promotes sustainable car production


Toyota Motors Philippines is the leading automotive brand in the country, and rightfully so. It is no wonder that brand-new Toyota cars for sale in the Philippines have been widely used by locals for their efficient performance and sleek design. Toyota accomplishes more than just car manufacturing because the company puts Filipinos at the forefront of their vision as a brand. It can be said without question: Toyota cares deeply about its consumers as evidenced by the efforts that they have put into their delivery of excellent services and quality products.


Behind the scenes, Toyota is more than just the car manufacturing giant it is today. They strive to do good for the people through their breakthrough milestones and innovations to champion efficient transportation in the country. If it is not obvious enough, the company has made its name in the Philippines as the number one car manufacturer as evidenced by the vehicles lining up the roads in local areas. This a brief run-through on the highlights of Toyota as they push forward to serve the Filipinos the only way they know how — with excellence.


Leading Provider of Quality Vehicles

According to Manila Standard, Toyota Motors Philippines has succeeded in maintaining their title as a leading provider of quality vehicles as evidenced by the increase in sales for the company. Toyota has invested a total of 58 billion pesos and sold 1.5 million vehicles for the past 30 years. This milestone is only expected from their impressive manufacturing techniques and commitment to innovation in order to craft quality vehicles. Their 30th-year celebration last August also gave the company a chance to share hopes for their overall performance. The company is looking at an increase in sales to up to 180,000 units for the year of 2018 with sales in the first half reaching 73,146 units.

As Toyota holds its place as an industry leader, the company will expand to 70 dealerships across all regions from its current standing of 67. This will promote more opportunities to bring quality vehicles to Filipinos which will promote their lifestyle significantly.


Maintaining Good Relations with the Philippine Government

Maintaining Good Relations with the Philippine Government

Toyota has always maintained its good relationship with the Philippine government, and it is further solidified by its donation of 10 units of Toyota Innova and 20 units of Toyota Vios to President Rodrigo Duterte for their anniversary celebration. This affirms its continued commitment to the betterment of the Filipino people. Moreso, Toyota supports the labor sector by employing 200,000 employees for their office and production staff.


Since 1997, the company has contributed to government revenues at an estimated amount of 13.6 billion pesos. The procurement department has also sourced 182 billion pesos from local suppliers. Furthermore, the exports of auto parts amounted to $23.6 billion since 1997. This is a testament to the company’s support to the government’s effort for its people.


Promotes Sustainable Car Production

Promotes Sustainable Car Production

With the commitment to produce better cars for better lives, Toyota upholds its green initiative to empower sustainability through their car production. The company ensures that their efforts would integrate green efforts in order to care for the environment. This is an excellent measure since not many companies put this in high regard. Brand new Toyota cars for sale in the Philippines are made with the vision of sustainability in mind. Think about this the next time you are behind the wheel of a Toyota vehicle and know that it is produced with the utmost care and responsibility.


Key Takeaway

These are the ways that Toyota has provided excellent service to the Filipinos. Not only is it a leading brand in car manufacturing, it is also at the forefront of providing better lifestyles for people. See our catalog here and drive a Toyota car today!

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