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Toyota Fortuner Philippines: Advantages of SUVs Over Mini Vans

By maigne on July 16th, 2018


What are the advantages of SUVs over Mini Vans?

  1. Flexibility
  2. More Market Choices
  3. Command Seating Position


If you find yourself puzzling about what your car can do more for you, then maybe it is time to switch to a more reliable vehicle. The capability of a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) will benefit you and your family.

This type of vehicle will immediately spring to mind when you want to make an easy choice as your new car. With SUVs, you can have more choices but keep in mind that a Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines would be best suitable for you. Although a minivan has its strong points, it is slowing down in the market with more and more consumers choosing SUVs for their families.

You can choose from among dozens of selections of SUVs whether they are big or small, gasoline, hybrid, or diesel. Whether you choose to drive a Toyota Fortuner from a Philippine dealership or an alternative brand, you cannot deny that SUVs have an edge and here are some of them:



There are plenty of SUVs which offer additional seats more than that of the standard seating that you can from a sedan or a minivan. These seats are usually folded and put away in the loading bay which comes in handy if you are a large family composed of four or five people. Traveling together will not be a hassle since there is plenty of room for everybody.

The efficiency of space is not the only thing that proves the flexibility of SUVs since it can also be durable in various road conditions. Traveling in an SUV can make you feel assured in its performance, without fear of damaging the underside of the car and avoiding expensive damages in the long run. The heightened suspension is what you should thank for this feature.

With SUVs being offered with 4-wheel/all-wheel-drive capabilities, they are truly your go-to vehicle for long drives and efficient city driving. You can go easily further with an SUV than a Minivan because they have better traction and dedicated control system.

More Market Choices


More Market Choices

Minivans can sometimes come in limited and basic designs but with SUVs, drivers have more choices when it comes to appearance and functionality. There are only a few minivans competing in the market but prospective SUV owners can choose from among the dozens of selection that will suit your preferences.

Whether you choose a large or medium-sized one, a strong or timid color, or a gasoline-powered, hybrid, or diesel one, SUVs are the number one contender when it comes to the various array of market choices. With SUVs, drivers can also choose from many upscale models, which is a segment lacking in the minivan choices.

Command Seating Situation


Command Seating Position

The high seating position gives the driver a commanding view of the road. Whether you are having a road trip to a province or just on the way to work in city highways, you can make more informed decisions behind the wheel since this is a prime advantage of driving an SUV.

With SUVs, you can easily maneuver your car because you can see further down the road and this allows you to see over other traffic which will help you prepare for hazards ahead. The command seating position also helps in parking because you can see empty spaces more conveniently and off-road which allows you a clearer vision over obstacles.

Key Takeaway

Having an SUV such as a Toyota Fortuner is a prime advantage for a driver. More than the entries mentioned in this article, the advantages of having an SUV over a minivan are endless. Talk to a Toyota dealer, and reap the benefits of driving one today!

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