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The Toyota Fortuner: A Vehicle for Everyone

By maigne on February 22nd, 2019


What can you expect from the Toyota Fortuner?

  1. Attractive Design
  2. Practicality
  3. Comfort


The all-new Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines has taken the country by storm. Out-selling the nationwide favorite, the Toyota Vios. Wherever you know, you’ll definitely see dozens of these cars around. Why is this car so popular? It seems to be the new car of the people. Here are a few reasons why the new Toyota Fortuner is a car for everyone.


Attractive Design

Attractive Design

The design of brand new Toyota cars for sale in the Philippines all look amazing. But there’s something about the all-new Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines that makes it an instant favorite for every motorist. The sleek new body changes the game in terms of SUV design.

SUV’s no longer have to look overly manly. Toyota have proved this with the success of the new Toyota Fortuner, as Philippines of this model have increased by a great deal. It has even surpassed the (previous) best-selling vehicle in the country, the Toyota Vios. The Toyota Fortuner one of the sexiest SUVs in the global market. The looks alone can be the selling point of the vehicle.



With its high ground clearance, decent power output, and two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive option, the Toyota Fortuner has proven to be the most practical vehicle of this time. Many owners claim that the Toyota Fortuner drives more like a car rather than a truck. It’s easy to drive and it can take you anywhere.


This latest Toyota Fortuner is even more spacious than its predecessor. The Toyota Fortuner features second and third row seating, which was also available in the previous model, but the second row seating of the new Toyota Fortuner features a 60/40 split with reclining backrests as well as the option to slide the seat forward or back. The third row seating is split in half which can be stowed to increase trunk capacity. All in all, this amazing vehicle can fit 7 people.

The Toyota Fortuner is equipped with 7 SRS airbags, an anti-lock brake system, electronic brake distribution, brake assist, hill-start assist, vehicle stability control, down-hill assist control, trailer sway control, and active traction control. All of these driving aids may come useful in torrential weather and hard road conditions.




Brand new Toyota cars for sale in the Philippines have all taken new designs and sharper looks. But the Fortuner has to be one of Toyota’s most refined vehicles. It seems that Toyota has invested on focusing on driver and passenger comfort in developing the new Toyota Fortuner.

The chassis seems to handle and absorb road imperfections fantastically. The cabin is very quiet and peaceful. The ride is nothing less than amazing. Apart from having comfortable seats, the passenger space has also improved from the previous model. Seating is not cramped and every passenger has enough room to move a little.


Key Takeaway

The all-new Toyota Fortuner is a wonder of the automotive world. The reason for its success is that it was made to cater to everyone. There has never been a car with more versatility than the all-new Toyota Fortuner. Much excitement is yet to come, once Toyota produces a newer version, down the line.

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