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Why the Toyota Hiace is the Ideal Family Van

By maigne on December 3rd, 2019


What makes the Toyota Hiace an ideal family van?

  1. It is spacious
  2. Diesel fuel is more affordable
  3. It has superior specs over other options


Vans are some of the best choices around if you’re looking for vehicles that are perfect for the family. They are large and can accommodate all the members of an average family, while still having enough room for other occupants or luggage.

The Hiace, Toyota’s family van, is proving to be the ideal family car out there and you would do well to know the reasons why. If you have a large family and frequently travel together whether it’s on a Sunday or an out of town trip, continue reading because a Hiace can be the right car for you.


The Hiace is spacious

Toyota Hiace Interior

One thing that the Hiace can boast is its impressive interior space that has a capacity of about 11 full-sized adults. It also has a cargo volume of 6,000 liters, which is definitely nothing to scoff at. This makes the Hiace a valuable asset to big families who frequently travel on the road. At maximum capacity, it doesn’t feel too cramped because of the strategic arrangement of the seats.

Another reason why the Hiace feels so spacious is because of its dimensions. The length, width, and height of the vehicle makes it one of the biggest family vans on the market. If you’re going to invest in a family van, a type of vehicle that is intrinsically big and spacious, it would be best if you went with the biggest and most spacious of them all. It has the added benefit of making you a better driver because you get used to driving such a huge car in different driving conditions and circumstances.


Diesel fuel is more affordable

Another reason why the Toyota Hiace is an ideal option is that it has a turbo-diesel engine. Diesel is regarded as the more affordable fuel choice and it would be sensible to purchase a vehicle that makes use of it instead of gasoline. Being able to save on fuel-related expenses on top of purchasing a great vehicle is an added bonus that anyone should welcome.


It has superior specs over other options

Toyota hiace driving on open road

In terms of the technical aspects or specs of the Hiace, it just about outclasses every other family van alternative. From horsepower, engine displacement, transmission (the Hiace comes in automatic transmission), and suspension, it has qualities that are excellent no matter how marginal the advantage may be over other options.

Aside from superior specs, there are different kinds of Hiace vans available in the market. This gives you a bit of freedom to choose the right kind of Hiace for you at a price point you are comfortable with.


Key Takeaway

The Hiace, Toyota’s family van, is certainly one of the best options on the market today. With all its excellent qualities and features, you won’t have any difficulty choosing the right vehicle for your given purpose. There’s a reason why it is one of the most widely used vans in Asia, so don’t miss the chance to find out why if ever you’re in the market looking for a family van.

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