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A Year in Review: Toyota Models for 2015

By Vic on December 21st, 2015

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Throughout the year, Toyota has provided us new and updated versions of our favorite cars such as the Toyota Vios and the Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines. We now take a look back at the power and beauty of these vehicles released throughout the wonderful year that is 2015.

Toyota Prius C

2015 prius c

For the last decade or so, green has been the name of the game of numerous car owners who want everything they own to be earth friendly. From their clothes to their deodorant, you can bet what they are using isn’t harmful to Mother Nature. And so with this demand came Toyota’s answer: The Toyota Prius C.

This hybrid vehicle has everything an environmentally aware owner can want. It certainly does not sacrifice speed, all thanks to its 1.5 liter VVT-I engine coupled with a Hybrid Synergy Drive Technology. Not only will you be saving the earth with this car but you’ll look good while doing it as its hatchback design certainly does not sacrifice style with its incredibly sleek design and modern interior. Now, are you ready to save the world?


Toyota Hilux

2015 hilux

Pickup trucks come, pickup trucks go but one thing is for sure: the Toyota Hilux is here to stay. Although it may not be the most popular type of vehicle these days, a pickup truck is quite practical if you love going out of town on the weekends as not only it can fit five people, you can also pack your friends in the back along with some equipment such as a surfboard, bike or your trusty cooler.

The Toyota Hilux sets itself above the competition with its 17-inch alloy wheels, which provide it more stability than its rivals, and its incredibly strong GD Turbo Diesel engine which comes in either 2.4-L or 2.8-L, all depending on the variant. When it comes to the interior, nothing beats the Toyota Hilux as it provides the driver and front seat passenger with more headroom and give the backseat passengers more legroom. In addition, the 4×5 G A/T model is sure to provide optimum safety measures with its amazing seven airbag system. For sure the Toyota Hilux lives up to its name – High Luxury.


Toyota Avanza

2015 avanza

If what you need is a family car, then you need not look further as the Toyota Avanza is the answer to your prayers. Since its launch in 2006 , this mini Multipurpose Vehicle has been one of the top picks of families in the Philippines.

With its most recent update, the Toyota Avanza gives you even more reason to pick it as your next family car. For certain kids won’t be embarrassed to hop into this car with its ultra-cool grills, and sleek and aerodynamic edges. The interior does justice to the exterior with its smooth dashboard and comfortable, adjustable seats. It engine won’t leave you disappointed either, thanks to the new dual VVT-i engine. Go ahead, grab the kids and head over to the nearest Toyota dealership to see the all new Toyota Avanza yourself.


Toyota Vios

2015 vios

Considered to be one of the most popular vehicles in the country, the Toyota Vios should be in the top spot of your list if you are looking for a new sedan. There is no doubt it is also one of the best, as proven by its popularity and its specs.

Check out that VVT-i 4 cylinder engine, for instance! This newest release also has a lighter frame, making navigating easy as pie. You’ll also love the sporty headlights and bumper, which certainly separates this sedan from the rest of its competitors. If you’re worried about leg space, that won’t be a problem as the Toyota Vios is longer than the previous version, giving your back passengers extra leg space and giving your more trunk space. Don’t you agree the Toyota Vios perfect?


Toyota automobiles are known to be the best at their game, thus the reason why they’ve been around for 80 years. With 2015’s cars, Toyota proves their worth once again and for sure 2016 is sure to be an excellent year for Toyota’s upcoming releases.


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