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3 Decades of Toyota Motors Philippines: Revolutionizing the Auto Industry

By maigne on September 10th, 2018


What are the strengths of Toyota Motors Philippines during their three-decade dominance in the auto industry?

  1. Realizing a Strong Beginning: Toyota Motors in the 80s
  2. Staying True to Their Vision and Mission Through Outstanding Service to the Filipinos
  3. The Mechanism to Become the Philippines’ Greatest Car Company


Toyota Motors Philippines did not become the largest automotive company in the country overnight. It took a lot of hard work, effort, and the dedication to deliver quality automotive vehicles to the Filipino people for it to become the auto giant that it is today. Everyone knows about Toyota and its vehicles that have graced many industries, from the transportation sector to personal and family use – you cannot deny that Toyota vehicles are a part of our identity as Filipinos.

This year, the company is celebrating three decades of excellence in the automotive industry in the Philippines and its harbored success will not go without notice. Their sustained victories will surely deliver development in automobiles and the industries that they continue to serve. At the rate they are going now, no one can stop their rapid acceleration in taking the auto industry to greater heights. Get to know Toyota as more than just a business but an instrument in national development and a purveyor of top-notch performance vehicles in the country today!


Realizing a Strong Beginning: Toyota Motors in the 80s

When you think of quality cars, Toyota is probably the name that instantly pops into your mind. Hailing from its home base in Japan, it has since become a prime example in providing excellent products in the auto industry.

The 3rd of August in 1988 is a fateful day for Toyota Motors Philippines (TMP) because it was the day that TMP was incorporated. Started as a joint venture between three companies, namely GT Capital Holdings Inc., Toyota Motor Corporation, and Mitsui & Co. Ltd., it was the humble beginnings of this company.

As they continuously improve the caliber of quality cars, they also generate more job opportunities for Filipinos which is their great contribution to the nation’s economy.


Staying True to Their Vision and Mission Through Outstanding Service to the Filipinos

Staying True to Their Vision and Mission Through Outstanding Service to the Filipinos

Opening their first few dealerships was the start of their connection to the country’s car enthusiasts, business owners, and families who were looking for a smooth driving experience. With dealerships opening in the North and South region of the Metro area together with its first dealership outside of Manila, Toyota Cebu, the years 1989 and 1990 is recognized as the head start of the company in realizing its groundbreaking impact to the country.

They also established the Toyota Motor Philippines Foundation Inc. which is the institution that extends its helping hand to serve communities in sectors concerning health, education, environmental, and various other community service projects.


The Mechanism to Become the Philippines’ Greatest Car Company

The Mechanism to Become the Philippines’ Greatest Car Company

Reaching milestones and collecting various recognitions from award-giving bodies along the way, Toyota achieved their well-deserved title as the number one automotive company in the country.

The foundation of the company was made possible by the support of the Filipinos as well as the combined efforts of the teams within the company by providing excellent products and customer service to the consumers. With the values and dedication of the people composing the various team across the country, the production of superior vehicles came naturally through the continuous improvement in their operations. Achieving better means to deliver a positive impact to the economy and society, Toyota maintains its reputation as the main player that raises the standards in the auto industry.

Since 1989, the leading automaker has sold over 1.5 million units in the country and more will be added to that figure with the great turnout of Filipinos that are recognizing how Toyota enriches lives.


Key Takeaway

This brief history of Toyota Motors to the top of their game does not even begin to scratch the surface of their hard earned title as the largest and greatest manufacturer of quality cars in the country. These are just a few of their milestones and you can be confident that more will be added up to that list.

The question of ‘what’ and ‘when’ will be the realization of those achievements are unknown but one thing is for certain, Toyota is here to stay for more decades to come as different generations experience the smooth performance of their cars alongside its service to the society.

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