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Why the Toyota Rush is the Ideal MPV For You and Your Family

By maigne on February 14th, 2020

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What makes a Toyota Rush the perfect family car?

  1. Fits and Entire Family of 7
  2. Better Handling at Tight Corners
  3. Optional Driving Position
  4. Smart Infotainment System
  5. Efficient Standard Features for Safety

In the Philippines, buying a car has always been a calculated decision for families and individuals alike. There are a lot of factors to consider including financial concerns, the durability of the car, as well as performance, power and seating capacity. For families that are either just starting and growing or already big, they want a vehicle that can accommodate all members of the family, including extended relatives. The Toyota Rush belongs to the list of many cars the consumer market has been eyeing because of its interior space and modular seating. Apart from that, here are other reasons why consumers should consider buying the Toyota Rush, whether it’s for family use or individual purposes.


Fits an Entire Family of 7

Toyota Rush Interior

There are two types of Toyota Rush offered to the market: the 7-seater and the 5-seater 2018 Toyota Rush variants. Apart from the seating capacity, there are other differences that buyers should consider in the process of decision-making. One of the major differences between the two variants is either your purpose is to load more things or ferry more people. Most buyers are caught in the dilemma between choosing more load capacity or more people to accommodate.


Better Handling at Tight Corners

Toyota Rush Rear Wheels

This advantage is for individuals who are afraid of driving on cramped roads and streets in the Philippines. The car can traverse tight alleys without being stuck or caught in any reverse parking difficulty. While most cars have the option to find a comfortable and correct driving position, the Toyota Rush allows, apart from that, on-board safety and back up cameras that provide aid in parking, particularly for tight spaces. Included are the AEB and EDB standard features for Toyota Rush variants.


Optimal Driving Position

For tall drivers, the optimal driving position of the Toyota Rush is considered one of its strong points. There are several positions that allow anyone, regardless of height, to find their comfortable driving position. The higher-than-normal seating position created by the combination of the seats allows a wide view or vista of the windshield. Apart from the optional driving position of the MPV, the Toyota Rush has an angled nose and tall ride height which supports the easy maneuverability of the vehicle.


Smart Infotainment System

Toyota Rush Dashboard

The Toyota Rush is equipped with a smart infotainment system that provides leisure travel for the entire family, group of friends, and even for individual use. Found on the dashboard is a 7-inch touchscreen combined with a set of eight speakers for the 2018 1.5 G variant and six speakers for the 1.5 E, which allows smartphone connections. The weblink connectivity of the system allows both iOS and Android phones to play music, watch movies, as well as make and receive calls. The system also comes with a CD, MP3, AUX, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity.


Standard Features for Safety

Toyota Rush Front

The most basic safety equipment part of the Toyota Rush are the six SRS airbags located on the sides and curtains as well as on the dashboard for the front-row occupants. Apart from airbags, vehicle immobilizers, security alarms, stability controls, and electronic door locks, the Toyota Rush was created to have standard Toyota safety and driver assistance features. Here are some of them included:


On-board safety cameras and equipment

The cameras include the reverse and 360-degree cameras which allow the driver to have a view in all directions. Its blind spot information system, together with a reverse cross-traffic alert, helps in backing the car out of a cramped parking space.

Braking assistance technology

Anti-lock brakes, as well as EBD and AEB, are some of the standard features of the Toyota Rush that comprise its braking assistance technology. The EDB is responsible for making it easier for drivers to maintain vehicle control and shorten the stopping distance when it is carrying a full load of passengers. The AEB, on the other hand, allows drivers to increase the braking pressure to stop the car as quickly as possible.

ISOFIX mounts

The international standard attachment points for child safety seats in passenger cars is a feature that almost all cars must-have. It is for the safety of the children that do not have the capacity to protect themselves in times of danger. They provide a quick, easy, and safe way to install a child’s chair for families with babies and toddlers.


Key Takeaway

Launched in May 2019, the multi-purpose vehicle, or MPV Toyota Rush, has been marketed directly to compete against the small SUV segment in the Philippines. With the availability of two variants namely the five-seater and the seven-seater configuration, you will surely be able to choose which best suits your growing family. Powered by a 1.5-liter gasoline engine, mated with either a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission, as well as plenty of safety features, the MPV is indeed the ideal Filipino family vehicle. Make the most out of every car ride and travel with your family, eliminate the need to distribute members to other convoy cars during family outings, and have a safe drive to the destination with the Toyota Rush.

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